XYO Videos and comparisons section?


MAybe we can start collecting links to informative videos etc explaining XYO and maybe can even have one from the team showing us the equipment and giving us more of an idea how it all works!!
If we see more and feel safe in the knowledge it is all going forward maybe some of us will buy into it all more :slight_smile:I like watching videos instead of reading pages of stuff…

Simple clear explanations by a friendly face is what we need…

Im enthusiastic for this anyhow (see the possibilities to save me so much paper work with my business) that I will likely get some shares for my Company to own too…

If I see it as a solid project… I let my emotions of cutting my admin down and got sooo excited about this!! Keep up my excitement levels :slight_smile:


This is a great idea Steve, we just got a videographer on board so this is definitly something we can make happen. What type of videos do you think would be helpful? How-tos for XYO tech, crypto & blockchain explained? What else do you have in mind?


YESS!!! WOuld love to see an explanation of how it all works too!!

Some of the techy info is way over my head!!

Regular updates of progress too would be amazing!!

Im sure we all love @scott emails but if he put them on Youtube wld gain a big audience?

I have seen some there… mabe we can link to any videos about XYO and you can debunk any bad reviews or comparisons with VeChain or Walton Chain which are logisitics based but missing the VITAL piece :slight_smile: