XYO token distribution


I would like some clarification on the XYO token distribution…
From etherscan I see that the first 10 Token Holder addresses hold approximately 75% of XYO tokens.
These 10 addresses do not seem to be owned by public, but are somehow related to company (XY/XYO/partnerships/…) .
So how will the XYO team go from this distribution to the more healthy distribution as depicted on the website, where 51% of XYO-tokens is owned by the public?
I guess another token burn has to take place after gamma sale…?
Can somebody from the team respond to this please…



^links to the etherscan holders ^

[Circulating Supply 32.6% -4,629,255,820 XYO]
[Total Supply 14,198,877,960 XYO 100%] Balance : 9,569,622,140 XYO 67.4%

Gohhan : I Guess They are Super buzy with the Spatial Event. Atm we will just have to wait and see what they bring to the table they haven’t Disappoint before :wink: .


Selling through the tokens allocated to the Gamma Sale will get us to that distribution. If we end the Gamma sale without selling through the full allocation, we’ll update everyone with our plans to reach this distribution level.


Hey I have raised questions about this with the team and came up with a proposal that I presented to them and to the community on telegram. If you’re interested in seeing it pm me on telegram @Abramelin582


What were results after you discussed with the team for token distribution?


Hey folks! I put forth a very relevent idea at the page below. I meant to post it on this thread, and it somehow ended up elsewhere. When I tried to delete it, I didn’t have the permission. I know - “community forum faux pas”… I’m sorry.