XYO on Crypto Exchanges! (Your Thoughts Please)


Hello XYO Community!

As we near the launch of the XYO MainNet (Aka “WinterNet”), and get into “Exchange Season”, getting listed on exchanges provides the benefits of 1) Additional Token Holders entering our ecosystem, 2) More price stability, 3) More access to exchanging/getting rewards for Geominers in different International Regions.

We’ve been an “unusual” project in that the goal of us rolling out our exchange strategy has been focused on benefiting the long-term ecosystem and the XYO Token Economy (not a quick-flip project for speculators).

We’ve had team members hard at work, on “Operation Exchange Rollout”, but I wanted to show you guys a brief snapshot of some exchanges and get your thoughts on these.

Can you please review the list of exchanges below and let me know in this thread if there are any that we should NOT consider?



Having been involved in another token 1st release on HitBTC, there are some things to consider. They had a minimum tokens to withdrawal, that token was in increments of 100 (you couldn’t withdraw 37 for example). They also have a relatively high fixed fee to withdraw if you purchase small amounts. From what friends have said, it is not a good low volume exchange, but rather good for large investments. People buying small amounts disliked the fee setup and the limits on withdrawls


Hi Scott,

I’ve been using both Binance and Liquid (from Quoine).

Liquid was released recently, so there is still room from improvements, but with this release comes many interesting features:

  • Multiple fiat funding options
  • Their World-Book features bring more liquidity to the platform (lower spreads).
  • Ability to trade on margin
  • You can lend your holdings (Fiat & Crypto) to margin traders and earn daily interests.
  • ICO market platform where you can fish for new projects or startup.
  • Like Binance they their own Token (Quash) which helps lower fees or even trade with no fees.
  • They are super compliant with regulations. (They can also react quickly and efficiently to new regulations without having to shut down the platform).
  • High level of security against hackers. Multi layer of security when login, doing funds transfer, etc…
    They also use cold wallets (withdrawals can take longer than on other trading platforms, but at least you know that your funds are secure).
  • They have great PR and news-letters and try to be as transparent as possible.
    (Ex; Hackers tried to tempered (unsuccessfully) with their platforms a few month ago. They quickly acknowledged the fact and quickly acted upon it, by increasing further security.

On your chart, Liquid ranks 18th (based on volume).
Liquid may not be the Top10 for now, but you may also not want to ignore it. :wink:

As Liquid continues to grow, so will the World Book. It won’t be long before they offer more pairs and the liquidity flows across the entire platform.They are on their way up, I think.



Hi @scott, please look into Bancor, I love the decentralised nature of it.
For a non-trader like me its type of exchange I will use, I don’t fathom the full Binance type exchanges.
https://www.bancor.network , https://support.bancor.network

I asked a couple of question in the Bancor TG chat:

Do ICO’s pay to list on Bancor?

Ryshae AmaZix, [22.10.18 13:20]
[In reply to FartGobbler]
Well listing tokens don’t have any fees involved. There’s only the $100,000 staking that needs to take place.

Ryshae AmaZix, [22.10.18 13:20]
Listing specifics are discussed between the Bancor Team and the token’s Team.


Bancor, Binance and Kucoin are some great Crypto exchanges. Check this video on Bancor:


Yeah, I saw that one… It really seems to be evreything I personally like in an exchange. I hate exchanges as a rule. I don’t want crypto be be ruled by “Banks” or anything centralised. like big exchanges… and the fees! rude.
They have a TG channel, I’ve been asking some questions: https://t.me/bancor




Stellarx is a great new exchange.



I think it is best to be on many exchanges.
Spend the least amount of funds on listing fees as these funds do not come back.
The market has an organic way of finding value regardless of location.
Coinbase ,poloniex bakkt and 5 or 6 from the top 5 to 17 from the blockchain transparency report.
This will get more exposure based on visitors per day to the exchanges then going only to binance or bitfinex.


“For our customers, operating under a New York State Trust Company is more than just a new license — it’s an important piece of regulatory clarity that will allow us to compliantly store more assetsand add new features like staking.”

Coinbase receives custody licence from NY state


Hyperion exchange is an SEC regulated exchange first one


Hi Scott,

As to the exchanges, I would recommend -Upbit & Bithumb (South Korean market), OKEX, Binance, Bittrex, and Huobi…All of them have good volumes, stable and many users using them everyday… As for Bithumb, their CS is awesome (24/7-you can call them in English). I have been using many other exchanges but the above-mentioned ones are good ones without any deposit/withdrawal issues. In particular, If XYO team considers the South Korean market significant, Upbit & Bithumbs are the ones to be looked at for sure.


Binance exchange please.


Bakkt if possible. That would be huge.




i am pretty happy with the list you show, and will be presently surprised if we get listing on any of them by year end


Hello Scott,
I would not do the following exchanges:

I might be saying a non sense but I would not try to listing XYO on too many exchanges (in the first time). Great products, a working product speaks for itself and open many doors without too much effort!

Best regards

Fabio BRAGAGNOLLO: a Brazilian, American french believer :slight_smile:


Binance or coinbase


i got a question when u guys get listed, i have a few question what about the gamma sales? you guys should end the gamma sales before listed because you guys put a “CAP” on the prices for the token as the prices will never exceed 1eth- 60K+ token …ALL XYO Community please help my question be noticed !!!

What about smaller exchanges are they better or worse for small investors?