XYO Mining Workshop - March 9th and 10th


Hey! I’ve gotten so many questions from excited community members, I decided to put something together to help everyone who is serious about building their own mining rigs.

March 2019 will be the first mining rig workshop, where I will teach you how to build your own liquid cooled Archivist/Diviner and configure the whole mining Ecosystem with Sentinels and Bridge too.

Space is very limited (only ten tickets) so I can provide lots of one-on-one time. The class is designed for complete newbies. If you can use a screwdriver, you can succeed in this class. For more experienced builders, you will still learn a lot and have fun. For those who cannot make it to San Diego, I will be filming and compiling a video series as well, which is a lot more cost-effective.

Book your tickets here!


Really need the videos! Thanks!


Sick with it. Is that the vm you r working on?


Pizzamind. So glad your going to make a video available. I’m in UK so couldn’t get there. Roll on March.