XYO Mining Kit (picture)


How much in the mining kit? When I access the link provided to me it keeps giving me 2 different prices? Also does anyone know why they are charging our accounts for an additional $1 on everything we purchase? I noticed if went from a hold status to a charge.


Thanks for bringing this pricing issue to our attention - it’s been corrected.

The dollar charge is to sync up the items in the investor kit (shirt, etc.) with your investment receipt in our fulfillment system.


I did not receive any sentenial?


I cant find the miner prices!!?

It just says end of 3rd quarter?


I got some news at Spatial. They’re finishing up firmware and sending out investor packages with the new firmware in December.


Ok so now I am set up and ready to roll, how do I find my mining information? Such as how many tokens or whatever they are called I have received? In other words, whats my next step?