XYO anonymity question


How does the XYO network deal with blockchain’s inherent anonymity while having other peoples’ or corporations’ physical hardware in such close proximity? Even if I can’t reach out and touch it, the tracking hardware is within a reasonable distance from me and my devices that interact with it.

If I’m walking down the street with my phone acting as a Sentinel, will I be able to see identifying information about the other devices participating on the XYO network near me? If so, how much info is available?


As you are walking around connecting with other sentinels, the only information you will receive is what they include in their bound witness interaction (see yellow paper). There is no information in this block connecting sentinel to a person’s identity.


Thanks so much for your reply Erik. It prompted me to go read the Yellow Paper. I’ll re-read it and go through the other papers soon.


Great question @taborneighbor, we started a Yellow Paper discussion thread if you have any other questions.



I asked the same question to arie at Spatial. Since the system is set on consensus bad data will not be able to receive incentive and runs its reputation in the network.