XYO and This Crypto Bear Market


I cant afford that now!! lolz

Just spent 1 ETH on XYO

Gonna be eating beans and drinking water for a while

But I doo know it will be worth it!!

Im sure Im gonna at least double my investment :wink:


Geo Dapp for that. Someone should build that type of Geo Dapp on the XYO Platform :slight_smile:


WOW!! I ended up with 2 x ETHS worth NOTHING like your purchase!! I will need to save up then lol i want more too!!

Seen my idea for the next of Kin wallet? Sounds like you may be needing it? :slight_smile:
Or if no next of kin I will be your bestest mate :slight_smile: lolz

OMG! WHat happen If you Die or LOSE your crypto!
Want to help me fnd out if its possible?


Sounds pretty similar to how I ended up here :joy:


Hi Scott you doing great job.
What will be the XYO Price in 2019?


LOL how is he suppposed to know!! Tell everyone you know about it and explain as much as you can!! The more people that buy into ETH and XYO the more the price rises!!
The more effort we put in as a community the more the price rises!!
So more up to you , me everybody than just Scott…

The more the price rises the more the team can spend on the project!!

WIN WIN for us!!?

IM HODLING most of mine for my retirement plan

This is my pension!

no pressure Scott


Hey Mark! No idea, lol. We don’t have a crystal ball.

The only thing we can control is focusing on the right inputs.

And the right inputs means being obsessed with our customers and developer experience, and building something that will make a huge dent in how we utilize location technology.


Haha, well, you, me, my dad, and many of my friends are also HODL’ing XYO. The ships are burnt!


The ships are burnt? Not the chips?

I thought ships sink more than burn as they are on water :wink:

Excuse me splitting hairs!!

Or Heirs - depending on how XYO does :slightly_smiling_face:




Just checked flights £550 return from UK :frowning:
Doubt I will make it! :frowning:


Glad to hear that everything is moving in the right direction with the right staff being hired for the positions need to keep the train moving towards greatness. The new economy Blockchain Technology where XY/XYO Findables take shape.
Louis H


Hi Scott,
Reading loads of great news from you and the team, great job and keep up the good work. I bought a holding in XYO in the initial sale. XYO was also my first ICO sale.

I too am interested in the news from Saptial, unfortunately, it’s not an easy trip to make from Australia, when there’s family and work to consider, as much as I would like to.

Is there a way that you HODL’ers can also gain access to this information, when you consider the geography, logistics and involved and cost.




Can’t wait to see where you and the team can take this! What an idea!