Who's going to Spatial?


First things first-- will you be joining us?!




Real good chance if I can commit to all 3 days.


if i can get a ticket


Awesome, definitely hope everyone can make it!


Registration page goes live September 14th at 12PM PST. Mark your calendar :wink:


Depends… will there be beer? :slight_smile:
Seriously tho’… Yip… I’ll be there… looking forward to meeting everyone.
I cant wait to see you guys @Erika and @scott and all the 2 comma club guys too.
Its going to be such a great event.


I plan to be there if I get a ticket!


@FartGobbler Is that even a question? We’ve been preparing to meet the community, including 2 Comma Club members, for a while now-- of course we plan on making it an event to remember! :rofl:


Dude. You should see our fridge.

I’ll save a beer for you.


Waiting patiently for the email but supposed to be heading out soon!!

Hoped it was coming at 12pm opn the dot lol…

DAMN I may miss it as really need to go out :frowning:


Hmmmm not sure if im wiser to invest in flying to SPatial or to use all that money to buy more XYO!! :S Hmmmmmmm
I knew it would be expensive to come from UK but not that much! lolz


I will be there!


I’d like to go but I need to know where it’s being held. I can’t make reservations for hotel until I have more info. Please help: thnx shaverv@gmail.com


Its at the Intercontinental hotel in San Diego


Where can I find the itinerary for Spatial?


I’m going to Spatial. Staying with friends in Luecadia. Is it possible to commute to SpTIl from Luecadia?