What Sound Means? How To Turn Off!~~


Did anyone know how to turn off beep sound? I received the kit, not paired with phone yet. one of sentinels keep beeping every other x minutes. I have tried the whole night to “figure it out” what sounds mean. It is frustrated trying all kinds of pressing patterns, this one still cannot be turned off.

Please help! //I am planning to put this one in backyard tonight. :frowning:

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I am by no means an expert but understand your frustration and want to help. I do believe that pairing the sentinels will help. I live out in the country so likelihood of coming across other sentinels is very slim; however, I carry one everywhere, my wife carries one, and my daughter-in-law carries one. I have three sitting on the kitchen island all paired to my phone. I believe sentinels paired and undisturbed should not make a sound. The one in my pocket does, I think, because the button gets pressed. I would like to think it’s because it picked something up.

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I had 1 sentinel out of the original 8 I received that would periodically make the power up sound. Interestingly that sentinel was the one that would not take the 4.0.60 firmware update that broke the other 7.

I sent all 8 back on an RMA and received 8 new ones. After the initial powering up and pairing, they do not make any sounds unless the button is pressed or the identify function is used from the bridge or the XY Find it app.



Thanks, i will try to pair with the phone.

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Thanks. I will try to pair with the phone first, if it is not working, I will crack it for fun.

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Was wondering what firmware any of you were currently using for your sentinels. I’m new to the forum and recently received my mining kit. Have a total of 16 XY4+, I updated a few to the .56 firmware, having issues with them powering down automatically. Hoping a new firmware update will fix this, would love some feedback from any of you regarding your experience.


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FYI on the sounds the sentinels make: I originally thought it was 5-6 diff sounds. I now have 8 distinct different sounds recorded. As soon as I have time, I will edit them and post what I have recorded.



Haha, no worries. How come you discovered 8 distinct sounds? I love this nerdy spirit. :slight_smile:



For my case, I received them and didn’t do anything for pairing yet, most of them except 1 I am able to turn them off by figuring out the sounds meaning. (Actually my son told me the down tone music means off). So, I have locked that poor one somewhere in a box and wish to crack it someday or try pairing it.

Sounds like this is a common issue. Where is XYO customer service on this platform?

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One in my box was chirping too. I replaced the battery and all is now good.

Had to put it in another room until I figured it out.

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I don’t know the difference between each chirp but my dog shits/freeks out evertime I press the find her button.