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Hi George apologies poor typing i have my office in Mold and live in Cheshire. I have just been out for a run and took the sentinel with me and used the coin app on returning but cant collect any other locations except my home any ideas? Also 1 of my sentinels wont power on or beep when pressed do you think it’s faulty?


I Ideally would like to afford 100 kits!! I know I can sell them all and make a little profit maybe from setting up and installing them amongst competitors!! @scott


Ok… i think i messed up with my walk today… i think this is the route i took.

Took 4 hours from the time the train left to the time i got back in.


Welcome and good luck


I’m starting to be a little concerned… yesterday 2 hours before the server reset the xyo drop ran out. Tonight it is 4 hours… xyo are so in demand that if it starts to be 2 hours earlier each night then by this time next week assuming one sleeps like a normal person (midnight to 8am) then by the time us british wake up they will all be gone. I hope that they will start to break up the drops by timezones, so GMT’s alotment would be avalible from a diffrent time than PST’s.


GeorgeM ? More detail please, I’m not understanding. US west coast are 8 hours behind us. When COIN went live last Wednesday at their 12 noon, I was watching it live in UK at 8pm


Reset is midnight our time.

If you look at the clock and timer till reset you can work that out. Also it was mentioned as such in the videos on the 6th.

Edit:thats a screenshot from days ago… i took video today, but it wont let me add it to the thread.


I think I’ve worked out who the othef person in aberystwyth whom uses the xy4’s. Today i went to volunteer for the scouts for the first time. At the end i was walking back witb one of the other scout leaders… my devices detected for the first yime went above 2… to 4… and was beeping.


Ok… Check to make sure that you have enabled mobile data use for COIN.
As for the sentinel, it may just require a new battery… I have some here. If you need me to come assist you in both tasks, please PM me your contact number