United kingdom users


Cheesy1, the mining kit is built on a raspberry pi. They recommend a output of at least 2A but ideally 2.5A. On mine I didn’t bother with converters and just used a good quality USB charger.
If you are concerned about the charger, just buy an official rpi charger.


Sound advice thanks will give it a go tonight


There is at least 1 more Aberystwyth based COIN user. A taxi driver noticed the app and told me that he wouldn’t do it but anotjer passanger had told him all about it.


May be more than 1


It’s the highest populated town in mid wales… it has less than 20,000 people. At this stage surprised to see 1 more.


Could be someone passing through.
Also someone in group is attaching them to his fleet of haulage vehicles.
I will be passing through Wales at end of month in my motorhome so we may detect each others. Lookout for a White motorhome with XYO stickers on


Clarach? Or the over side of ghe river from the police station?


I showed mum the token value today and how much it went up since yesterday… she’s just ordered a mining kit for me. How long did it take to get yours delivered?


It took a few months to get mine as I ordered one early on, before they were ready to ship but I believe their dispatching them them much faster now.
Expect a few weeks. They will send you an email when its dispatched and you can track it.


I ordered mine on 27/12/18 and received it 28/01/19, so right on a month.


Dang… so there will be a week or so between thd next update and me getting my bridge.


Didn’t they say the next update is early March? So maybe the first week in March? You might be lucky!

From the parcel tracking info, XY got mine shipped within a couple of days, it was ‘with international carrier’ on the west coast of the USA (according to the map) in about a week.

The tracking info & map still showed it ‘with international carrier’ on the west coast of the USA for the next 3 weeks, even on the day it was delivered to my house (which I found slightly ironic! :wink: )


Ya… when i get it I’ll see if i can get a police body cam and make some videos of nice walks whilst collecting the xyo, wales is a beautiful country… hopefully by then automation will be up and running.


I have a kit here in Wolverhampton West Mids, just set it up today and getting used to the app and what I’m doing!


I had same experience. It seems to get stuck at west coast depot for weeks without any movement, then suddenly its on doorstep. Do XYO use their tracking systemn or some one elses ?


@Cheesy1 How do you get a Cheshire office in North East Wales, as Cheshire is (although on the border) in England and none of it is in Wales to my knowledge

Flintshire - North East Wales


Regarding the POWER …
The US style plug has the ability to plug into 100 - 240v and is able to run on both 50/60 htz… so it should be ok to use providing you use a 2-pin/3-pin adapter to plug it in.



What happened to yours allsorts? What happens if you cut it off and stick it in a uk mains plug?

Edit: i just hit 10k… 3k of that is taking a train to Borth (10 miles) and walking back over the hills. Has anyone else noticed that mining when your in a train gives you very little in comparison to walking?


Nothing happened to mine… I was simply answering a query and ensuring someone else doesn’t make that mistake

If you cut it off and wire it directly into the UK plug, you will be bypassing the transducer and will be feeding the bridge with 240 V rather than 5 V



I think you mean bridge not miner.