United kingdom users


Just wondering how many kits / users in uk if any? If in UK whereabouts?


I have ordered a mining kit which should be on its way to sunny Glasgow soon! :grinning:

I see from another thread that you are in Northumberland, Geobow? :slight_smile:


Yep Northumberland. No urgency for kit as we have no date when this is going live. Hope it’s soon or XYO give an appropriate date for launch.Was expecting it to be December.


Welcome from Geobow, Alnwick.
Note. Your kit will probably come with an American 2flat pin power plug. You’ll need an American to UK 3 pin adaptor or a Samsung phone charge lead (mini usb to usb) if you have one.


Nice one!

Thanks very much, Geobow.


And I have one here in North East Wales


Great. That makes 4 that I know of.
Sure there’s a lot more.


I have a kit here in Bedford, came about a month ago, finally wrestling with firmware updates.


Hi Philip in Bedford
Thats 5 of us in the UK so far. Good luck with the firm ware up date. I think theres another update due soon.

George in Alnwick