Toll roads, public transport etc


One possible use would be to replace toll road “autopay” features. Generally, toll road autopay relies on a sticker or device on a vehicle attached to the account of the vehicle or fleet owner so anyone driving that vehicle can charge the toll to the account attached to the vehicle, not person. In many cases, this can be a different person, friend, family, employee etc. If toll payments were attached to a tracker it can be charged to the person and not the owner of the vehicle. This can also be useful for fleet management as you can verify the person (tracker) is driving the vehicle and what toll they passed when where etc. The same theory can be applied to mass transit autopay bus fairs, subway tokens etc. All of these would require large contracts which if granted would expand the network substantially. In addition “bridges” can be set up at these checkpoints (toll stations, subway stations, bus stops or busses etc) further enhancing the reach of the network especially in urban areas.