Theories on what the live video on 23rd of January meant


Hi guy’s and gal’s.

I was watching his video that was made yesterday by xyo. In some areas they attempted to be cryptic. Anyone else have theories on what was said? I think one of the important things said was that actual mining is weeks not months away. So hopefully just before they do their class on how to build an arcivists.

They also said that there is something comming that will make everyone that has already bought a mining kit happy. I worry that when they make mining active they will remove the ability to use a tablet to bridge. I think this would be a mistake, unless they start making it possible to buy the bridge without buying more sentinels. Currently you can only buy sentinels or the full kit on the website. And I have been unable to find bridges for sale on any other website IE eBay but you can get the xy4’s on eBay.

Anyone have any other theories? And just in case you didn’t see it… here is the link.


You can buy the tokens and bridge separate on XYO website. Also, mining kit on eBay, check it out


You can get the full kit on Ebay or the xyo network site, you can get the xy4’s on Ebay or xyo find it site. Unless someone is able go prove me wrong, which that link to Ebay for the full kit doesn’t, your not able go buy just the bridge online.