Tampa area XYO-GetTogether, Any interest?


Looking for interested individuals who are interested (NOT thinking about it), ACTUALLY interested in getting together for a brain-storming meetup each month.

I have a few ideas that I’d like to bounce off all of those who want to attend. Specifically ONE idea that can easily be instituted on a NATIONWIDE basis in order to benefit ALL who attend EACH and EVERY meeting.

With XYO being a “newborn” (in terms of age within this emerging sector of business) in the cryptocurrency/gps/IT sector I FIRMLY believe that OUR common goal should be the GROWING of OUR local area group (call it a conglomerate or other like term). It is in OUR (those who really want to maximize the XYO business model) BEST INTERESTS to band together into a leading NATIONWIDE group.

This is just ONE of things that I’ve been thinking about. I know this is VERY vague but it’s meant to be vague at this time.

So, if anyone (I mean ANYONE) who’s already bought in to XYO or those who seriously want to buy in to XYO want to be invited to this monthly XYO investors meeting I’d like to ask for your simple reply to this post. I will need to have several local members with me in order to launch this incredible opportunity so I’m looking for those individuals at this time.

With this in mind I would like to propose meeting sometime in mid-January 2019 in order to sit down with those who might want to become involved with this. Meeting date, time, and location TBD.

Reply to this posting and I will get back to you with my name and contact info (email address and cell phone).

The ONLY thing that I wish to ask is that you be ABSOLUTELY serious and willing to take an active roll in this endeavor.

Best Regards,

Jeff B
Entrepreneur and Dreamer

Ps I’m NOT that type of “Dreamer” as I’m turning 50 in January 2019.


Very curious about your idea. Count me in. I live in the Tampa area.



I’m headed off to bed right now but would like to talk to you via phone or in person if we are somewhat decently close in terms of home proximity.

I’m in the Wesley Chapel area. If I could suggest I’d like to meet you in person this upcoming weekend, say Saturday or Sunday the 12th or 13th of January…say 30-60 minutes…

Let me know what you think.

Jeff Bebber

970-422-6898 cell



I live in New Port Richey. I’d be glad to head over your way to meet with you. Saturday is best for me.

Don Shaw




Nice to make your acquaintance via email.

Lets try to plan meeting near the intersection of 54 and the Suncoast Parkway 589. There’s a Starbucks (next to Chili’s) in the business plaza just west of the Parkway. We could tentatively meet there for 30 or so minutes. I will need to check with the wife to make sure there’s nothing planned for Saturday morning but I dont think it will be a problem.


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Just checking to see if we are still meeting tomorrow morning at 10am at the Starbucks on 54 @ the Suncoast…

Please advise soonest… Thanks.


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Update here on the Tampa, FL area monthly meetings.

Don and I attended the 1st Tampa XYO area monthly meeting yesterday, Saturday 1-12-19 at a local Starbucks.

Ideas and strategy were discussed. Some ideas were tabled for next month’s meeting which is tentatively scheduled for 2 Feb 2019 1000am- 12noon (end time is approximate) at the Starbucks located at https://goo.gl/maps/mUxi6C7mAiP2

If you decide that you wish to attend all that I ask is that you reply here just in case we get too many people wanting to show up so we can make different arrangements for larger groups.

Thanka you.

XYO.Investor@gmail.com (email me directly if you wish)

ps If you wish to attend plz start brainstorming ideas and strategies in order to share them at the meeting (of course, that’s IF you wish to share them)…I figure the more minds strategizing and sharing the merrier since we’re all in this together…