Suggestions for how to improve this forum


Hi XYO family, For those of you jumping in here early on-- WELCOME!

As you might be able to tell this is an early version of our awesome community forum. We are open to suggestions on how to make this forum valuable to YOU. If you have any suggestions, comments, concerns please let us know in the Feedback category.

Question – Would it be useful to you if we created a ‘How to Guide’ for using this forum?

Also, keep an eye out for the shield badge next to usernames to indicate an XYO Admin, you know the drill. :sunglasses:



A decent competition section with regular giveaways (however small) for ideas or something with a TOP prize similar to Dev one for App video!! Maybe a flight out so Spatial :wink:

Those devs need new creative ideas :slight_smile:


To visually improve the forum, we should have a “nite-mode” theme, I really like Telegram in dark-mode, is it possible we can cut down on the brightness a bit? But other then that, It’s excellent!


Some ideas @Erika

  • Competitions
  • Fan art.
  • XYO in the real world… i.e. take a picture of you wearing a Shirt/cap somewhere interesting
  • Quizzes are fun too:
    Can be technical or could be community related. “Why does Scott wear his hat backwards” ?
    “What is the estimated range of an X4 sentinal” etc etc.

Can be prizes, but also can be just for the glory


@FartGobbler @brightonsteve Competitions & Giveaways seem to be community favorites-- so we’re on it! :wink:


@Sixthinsight Thank you for your input on the design, that’s very helpful to know-- we’ll get on this and get back to you with redesign or solution very soon. :slightly_smiling_face:


Could have told @Sixthinsight to wear his sunglasses and save the team some time & money? :sunglasses:


^ Apologies, but how much time and money would that potentially save? Why are you posting here? Just random stuff eh? You the same guy trying to give away XYO for some reason?


It would save them the time and money they could focus on more important things was what I meant!!
Night mode may be nice but is it a priority?
Put ya sunglasses on!!
And another one that doesnt understand giving away small amounts will encourage your friends into Crypto space and buy ETH to move their XYO!! More ETH customers more money into XYO? No?
DOH!! Bit coin was given away like nobodies business back in the day!!

Bit i understand if you do not want to give any away too!! Seems a weird concept huh giving money away? lolz some of the most succesful people do!! Look at #Billgates

@Erika is my stuff all just random stuff or some useful ideas ? lolz @Sixthinsight is just annoyed the sunglasses idea was so good? :slight_smile:


Whatever you say guy… however you are posting gibberish in the “Suggestions for how to improve this forum” <------------- You’re aware of this right?


We are all allowed a bit of fun too aren’t we? This is supposed to be a friendly forum! No need to get upset!! :wink: I would just rather the team focus on getting this mining equipment out to us so I don’t think me saying all that was gibberish!! lolz Stop being so touchy :slight_smile:
#firstforumargument :frowning:

ANd i have words for you too gibberish not being in any of them :stuck_out_tongue:

outside? ;)lolz


^ Everything you have posted is too weird. I was simply mentioning about how to improve this form and I think I did it in the correct spot no? If you want to waterboard people with how clever you are, then do so on your own post. Sheesh.


@Sixthinsight @brightonsteve

All suggestions are welcome no matter how small, and this is the correct comment thread to give those, so thank you both.

This forum is for YOU so we greatly value community input. Yes, some suggestions take priority over others but we will always take them all in to account no matter how small they may seem.

—Let’s keep it friendly and “virtually” hug it out . :ok_woman::ok_man:



Im in!!

@Sixthinsight sorry for my humour :slight_smile:


all good


Free booze


@Eddntx Not sure how free booze will improve the forum, but I’m not against it either. :rofl:


I’ve learned it fixes everything


Can’t argue with that. Cheers! :beers:


Can we add a new TAB “Updates” what all the Dev Cave/partnership/ This Week at XYO ?
with links to the blog posts

i think it will help alot for people finding information, as reddit isn’t updated as much now and we can bring the Xyo user to THIS forum instead

Just an Ideal