[Status: Accepted] XIP-1: Founding HODL'er Registry (FHR)


Just wanting to double check, is there never going to be another opportunity to buy in as a founder? Some of us had to take time and save up to be able to buy in, and it’s kinda a letdown to find out my saving up took too long and I missed the boat. The Gamma sale didnt come across my screen until late November, so buying in before now just wasnt an option and I expected at least a short period to buy in later, especially with there being quite a large percentage of tokens left based on the numbers


For me I liken it to serving in the Marines. Everyone had the chance to buy XYO (join the service). But not everyone is a Marine because the joined the Military. They could have joined the Marines( buyin during ICO or Gamma), but chose to buy them cheaper via IDEX. In the end we all served our country. So, in the end we bought XYO, and some also bought shares too. But only Marines earned the title U.S. Marines. Same-same for FHRs…we knew what was what and still paid the price, earned the right to that registry. I knew about IDEX, but chose Gamma anyway, I liked the idea of being a member of the Founders. However I dont want my sacrifice or any other FHR member’s sacrifices, be lessened for those that bought in cheaply via IDEX, or those that received the generous bounty at Spatial.

When you earn VIP status by early buyin at ICO or Gamma, that status should be permanently protected. That was a part of the package deal.
Just like any business over the centuries, those that bought in at ground floor, got Founder’s Shares. Which were worth a fortune years later. Nobody ever had a chance to buy them past the original sell time. Same for the FHR, this is for those that bought in during that limited time frame. Or through the company, once XYO was available on IDEX.
That’s my bits worth, thank you.


Great Idea


Ello all from Down Under.

I’m a little confused sorry.

I bought shares mid last year, a mining kit and an extra 8 sentinels.

Going to Spaitial was out of the question due to distance but I would have loved to attend.

I am a huge advocate of this project and can see huge benefits to not just consumers but many different industries.

I bought shares as soon as I knew about it ( within 24hrs), however being in Perth Australia, info has been limited.

I only learned of this group recently. And have since learnt alot.

–When were the airdrops and how did u qualify?

—What was the end result of the FHR?

----Is thier an actual list that can be viewed?

-----What benifits are you talking about?

------We’re early share holders included on the list?, I FEEL by buying share that is definitely being an early supporter,

MANY thanks in advance.


If you bought in ICO or Gamma, no benefits have been realized (I’m sure they’ll come). And if you bought after, or recently, then you’re getting a WAAAAYYY better price. Most or all FHR are in the red right now. Both have their pros and cons but I imagine many FHR wish they would have waited.

And let’s remember that we’re investing because we believe in the company and the mission, not for special treatment. I wasn’t even aware of FHR until after I bought in.


Cheers mate,

Not to fussed about benifits although wouldn’t say no.
I only got involved because I believe in the whole project.

Thanks for the feedback.


I believe I might be on this list…however how do I research each FHR wallet address in order to verify?


Do I need to do something else to verify?

PLZ advise soonest. Thank you for your help.



Been thinking about this topic a bit…

THIS IS bound to upset some, it’s not ment to, it is just my thoughts that I’m sharing. …

Founding Holder Registery .

If u didn’t have background on XYO and the discussion on the topic of FHR, You would think it ment registery of founding/from the start/before a date or listing on an exchange of shareholders in the company…
Not holders of the utility coin, or the fuel, currency of that business.

XYO bigwigs please consider both to be included. If u are allowing coin holders on it really discriminatory on people that paid for shares.
There are alot of us foundation share holders along for the long term adventure.
Please look after us


Agree. If it hadn’t been for all the shareholders there wouldn’t be COIN


Thanks Geobow. I agree with u 100%