[Status: Accepted] XIP-1: Founding HODL'er Registry (FHR)


I’m new to this whole universe of crypto etc.

I originally bought shares in XY, I also attended the spatial conference which was another investment (traveling from Hawai’i) and confirmation in my belief in this movement.

Since “Spatial” my brain has been on overdrive as I try and learn as much as possible. What exactly is this trust wallet I now have, the difference between sending and receiving crypto, my wallet address, QR codes etc. I’m still trying to buy ETH to buy XYO. It’s a slow process for someone starting from scratch.

I feel I’m a part of this movement. I’m still learning, I’d love to be on the FHR just like you. Let’s rise together, no one likes to party alone! Mahalo



2018-12-17 STATUS UPDATE

Alright, everyone!

I’ve gone through all replies and feedback.

Summary up to this point:

  • The consensus is to add the ability to whitelist multiple wallet addresses that you still own (those in Cold Storage), WITHOUT having to import private keys. We will work on spec’ing this out and implementing this!
  • This brought about the idea of a Founding Shareholder Registry for those who purchased equity during this period of time. We like this idea. Idea (probably a different XIP): Create the ability for XY Shareholders to whitelist Ethereum Wallet Addresses to be added to the Founding Shareholder Registry. We would ensure that those who are added to this list actually EARNED the XYO Tokens and are fully bought into the vision (i.e. qualifying by staking a Geominer using their FSR Ethereum Wallet Address)
  • SPATIAL Attendees who received tokens for their attendance: I tallied 4 No’s, 1 Neutral. As of this time, we will not be automatically adding the wallet addresses who received their XYO Tokens for attending SPATIAL. The definition of the FHR remains:

The FHR will be comprised of those who purchased directly from the XYO Network core team from January 6, 2018 to November 30, 2018 (“Founding HODL’er Period”).

New emphasis on purchase

Thanks for the feedback so far everyone!

This XIP has now moved into Final Call status.



For those in who were in favor of including Spatial attendees, I checked coin market cap. The 300MIL XYO tokens out there only contribute to 5% of the circulating supply. Although it would be nice to incentivize them to hodl, it’s not an imperative to the network. Incentivizing shareholders and main/gamma sale purchasers (~95% of the supply) to buy more and hodl is what this XIP will be accomplishing. Sorry to Spatial attendees (I’m one of them), but it was too little, too late as far as support and contribution goes if that was the only form of support.

I’m happy with the path forward. Thanks Scott.

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Are the 4.3 billion tokens being sent to the founding holders to correct the distribution %? I was under the understanding that it is.
Now if you add people and/or up a holders % because of their spacial holdings or reg a stock holdings that makes a new distribution percentage no matter how the decide to disperse the left over gamma tokens. Like someone else said… what was the point of buying gamma tokens? We should have just bought shares and received free tokens. Also if the team wanted to “grow” the network why do we keep going back to these same “ 300 “(this number is wrong )individuals… I’d just as soon see it go to 300 contest winners or known dev’s but new individuals . That might be growing. I feel like spacial attendees really think they are the only ones that can help grow the network. If you guys have special information that would help grow the network… please share. It would be in all of our best interest. I’m against this plan. But… again I expected it. I’m sure we all did.




Where are you finding that 4.3billion are being distributed (to anyone)? I’d be curious to find out more. Thanks in advance!

Also, Scott’s message says that Spatial attendees are not receiving FHR benefits.

Agreed, Original stock/token purchasers should get some reward. But as you noted I think we should start rewarding new faces to the network. Spatial attendees got their reward for giving some attention. Now let’s look to acquire even more individuals attention, not rewarding the same people again and again.



:rocket: Go for Launch! :rocket:
Nice work Scotty!



I should have someone better at explaining this stuff take this question on so I don’t screw it up. I’d refer you back to the reason gamma sale started in the first place and the pie chart that xy said it would achieve for fair distribution. Actually there was a guy on the telegram page that sent out messages about a plan he had that was pretty fair in my opinion. Can anyone help me explain this to @StatusQuoKiller



I hear your point. I just disagree with it very respectfully.



You keep saying 300 million . It was more like 500 million FYI.

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Hi everyone! I am a Founding Hod’ler who was scammed out of 164,650 xyo. I was new and the guy said he was you Scott. He had the same picture and everything. He told me I would have to swap out my XYO in order to get air drops. He referred me to an XYO community similar to our own where they talked me through the process. So, I did it and there went my XYO. When you look to see how much XYO to see if they are still Hodling, do you take into consideration that folks are being scammed? I have since bought more XYO but it is not as much. The price is a lot higher now and I can only get a little at a time. I am a HODL’er through and through and am in for the long haul. I have reported this. I think you are aware of this case and others.
Well, I did not want to be penalized for not hodling when I am but was scammed. Thanks for listening/reading



That’s brutal Jade! How did they contact you? I feel like I’ve heard about a lot of scammers in telegram. It sucks because they usually grab onto newer investors that don’t know what to watch out for.
Sorry you lost your tokens! These people are scum. Another reason buying on dex supported this exact thing up until gamma ended.



Thanks for your response. They messaged me in Telegram. I was unaware they could fake an admin such as Scott. Now I know.



@scott how many indiduals are there that purchased shares. If you indeed decide to add them to the fhr or split the fhr by adding a new fsr will share holders have the same perks as founding members that might have bought at ico… airdrops, left over gamma tokens etc? Just curious for a few reasons. I was told the fhr was locked in history… now many individuals might be added to it. While that certainly is great for anyone that bought shares… Did the team consider fairness to the founding holders that have been told these perks only apply to us for over 6 months. I asked this specifically on Reddit and telegram many times. Mods you and Johnny gave early investors assurances. You guys are changing the game up big time at the 12 th hour.

I’d just ask the team to just once put yourself in the shoes of an ico or gamma purchaser that has been in the red since day one.( zero dex purchased as team requested) We are watching everyone in this community get perks hand over fist other than us. We really believed fh status was our perk. Now to have a huge group added to it after gamma closes is just so disappointing



I’m having a problem with Spatial attendees getting additional perks because of geography. Some deeply interested investors simply couldn’t make it. I live in Indiana and could not justify the expense.

I also have a problem with weighted token awards or FHR listing based on the amount invested. I think interested people bought what they reasoned they could afford. I’m recently retired and bought the original fall 2018 offering of 125 shares simply because that’s what I could afford to outlay, given no current income (trying to postpone pension and SS as long as possible).

I’m not sure there is a metric for HODLR commitment that fits all sizes. Those with sizeable portfolios and live in the western part of the country got a leg up. Those that became aware of XYO and cryptocurrencies in general early got a leg up. None of those are measures of commitment, which is what, I presume, any distribution would be all about.

But for the record, I do not envy the XYO management that gets to sort out what “fair” actually means.


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Agree for shareholder join FHR but with ratio airdrop is lower than others



I received an e-mail from @mikestenger stating that over 20,000 individuals bought shares. That is an enormous number to add to the fhr. Have any other individuals that have bought in at

ICO * (Average Price XYO Was Sold At During Period: $0.0069 XYO) and
GAMMA ( * Average Price XYO Was Sold At During Period: $0.0059 XYO)

spoken up about diluting our airdrops by adding 20,000 individuals?

How many whitelisted wallets are currently on the FHR?
Could someone at xyo please answer. I want to know if it is worth HODLing for airdrops aymore.

adding 20,000 to a million wouldn’t be a huge deal but adding 20,000 individuals to a FHR of 50,000 dropping my airdrop % by 50% changes this up big time and if you ask me is not only unfair but this would be really going against everything XYO has always said about the FHR " that was "stamped in history Dec 15th. "adding 20,000 people to it and calling it an FSR is extremely unfair. What is the rationale behind this move?



I agree with you 100%. If shareholders get airdrop tokens, we should get airdropped shares. But that’s never gonna happen. I spent so much buying ether at around 800$ and selling all my other coins back then just to buy from XYO. If I would of waited and bought after the ico. I would be laughing.



I suggest that we allow anyone in FHR to buy XYO from the exchanges and transfer add to the wallet in the FHR, airdrop event apply for wallet FHR at that moment, should not apply only total token in the token sale. This will encourage FHR to buy token and increase XYO value



I honestly have no interest in class a stock. But the point I was making was the new ratio of airdrops and possible left over gamma distribution by adding anyone to the fhr. I believe the original or real fhr consisted of about 4000 token buyers that bought direct from the xyo site before the end of gamma. Adding people who bought shares would put an additional 20,000 wallets and spacial attendees 700 more. The fact that this was even considered sucks



Good morning all,

I’m going to apologize first and ask for forgiveness because I’m such a newbie at this stuff that MOST of all of your comments go right over my head.

I’m needing help in navigating the gamma xyo network home page so I can learn more such as trying to my my place in the FHR or exploring the different layers. How do I see if I’m on the FHR list?

Especially interesting to me is the heat layer map. When I zoom in to my neighborhood I see a bunch of tracks that go right up to my house. I have a mining kit. So my question is…are those tracks one (or more) of my sentinels that I have in my automobile?

Anyways, if anyone can assist me that would be great. Sure do wish there was a document(s) that explained the whole XYO business in general English, not the technical stuff that most coders speak.

Thank you in advance for any help you’re able to offer. Once again I’m sorry for not understanding most of the stuff being discussed in GeoHackers topics.

Best Regards,

Jeff B
Tampa, FL

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