[Status: Accepted] XIP-1: Founding HODL'er Registry (FHR)


I love it. Will definitely buy and hold more XYO tokens in my Trust Wallet. :+1::+1::+1:


@ nhson0110 : “RFC #2: I think SPATIAL attender are not on the FHR, they give reward from airdrop. In case, they want join FHR, I suggest they should be purchase shares from XYO so they will be list on FHR and become part of community developer XYO. Thanks.”

This is the best idea! :clap::clap::clap:

Anyway, I agree with any final decision. Thanks!


The only people that should be included in the FHR are those on the list before Dec 1.

The Spatial attendees received their Million tokens for attending.

The people who bought on IDEX did it because they could buy more for less. Everyone knows it.

If there are 5 members split it 5 ways. Etc…you could do percentage drops but member A may have their heart in xyo but not have the financial support like member B to help by purchasing xyo. Everyone should be treated equally since we are all considered Founding HODL’ers.


Hi Scott,

I personally don’t see any utility in even accounting for how many tokens people still have on their original wallet or own. I think the point here is that we supported the company during it’s infancy and paid a premium due to the cost of etherium, why…because we believe in you all!:slightly_smiling_face: ideally if you’d like to reward/support is within the FHR, just take the total amount we purchased during those three periods and reward based on that. That simplified coin transferring or verification processes by additional wallet registrations through new smart contrasts. I’m in the military and mine are on a cold wallet and I won’t have access to it for over a year, so should that mean that I shouldn’t get dapp deposits, etc. I’d rather you spend your valuable time trying to solve actual problems like getting a satellite up and network utilization up and running. You have how many we all purchased, leave it at that.



As a US citizen we were thrilled to be able to participate and buy shares. My wife and I each purchased 125 shares and have been following closely ever since. Back in June, I was in a small group that calls directly Scott asking for feedback. And I’ve just purchased XYO at latoken (which was super easy!!). I’d consider myself a Founding HODLr and would be honored to be added to the FHR.

In fact - Scott, my offer to you for Ringless VM is still on the table, buddy…


I think for me the solution is simple. Keep founding holders as founding holders.
I think this team is awesome that it wants to support everyone that has supported the project. Here are my issues.
Idex sellers are early xyo partners that dropped the market by selling their tokens on dex for me anyone buying and selling on dex did nothing but hurt our project. If you are knowledgeable enough to purchase on dex… you can’t “play dumb” and say it was all you knew of xyo. Dex buyers plain and simple should not be included in anything. They are secondary market buyers. And made out better than anyone who followed xyo’s requests and supported the project.

People who bought shares did so knowingly and willingly. As an early token buyer i don’t feel entitled to shares… which were not available as far as I know when I bought tokens.(not that it matters)
What’s the difference here? …

Spacial attendees:
the 1 million free tokens were more than enough in my opinion. Most of these individuals were early investors so should agree with this… Anyone new that receives 1 million free tokens should be extremely happy. That would have been worth 7k in eth when I bought. Again. You don’t see any ico or gamma investors asking for
1 million free tokens.

At the beginning I was called a founding holder because I bought through the company not dex which was at a time very openly discouraged. The team told us as fh’s we would be rewarded and not to worry about dex or its prices.

If spacial attendees and shares purchasers get these benefits… why not send shares and a million “spacial tokens” to ico and gamma buyers. There is no difference.

You posted the average price of xyo in eth at all 3 stages yet these individuals arent what we are looking to … it’s dex buyers shares buyers and spacial attendees.

The distribution over time of leftover gamma tokens:

That says you trusted early advisors (created dex market price and killed gamma) and spacial attendees more than you trust the individuals that actually put money up to fund this project. The leftover gamma tokens and amount given to advisors, Spacial attendees and bounties… the tokens weren’t “locked for them” distributing over time is the same as locking…actually it’s worse!

Can’t make everyone happy but changing the game up now would be frustrating to any real founding hodler that was really supporting the project from the beginning.
Feels like we are never really talked about in a positive way because we always need to look to the next sale or next conference or next listing…

Were we forgotten? Left behind to continue growth?
Sounds like a punishment for buying at ico!


The leftover gamma tokens is less than the tokens given away for free to bounties, advisors and spacial attendees combined. My point is. Worrying that founding holders would effect the market with a dump is the same as saying we trust founding holders less than we trusted Charlie sherm, bounties, spacial attendees etc. locking these tokens or distributing over time for founding holders but no one before us is… not really what we were hoping for… “fair distribution”


RFC 1 #: I pretty much agree with this, the contribution was made to the company in early days, and that’s what counts. Let me add that I still hold all my XYO purchased from gamma, and in the same wallet, so no personal interest here. I just really don’t see how you are technically going to be able to confirm that FHR people still hold the tokens, even if the same amount is in the same wallet, they could have traded many times, and the balance is still there. There would have to be a hard and fast rule that you must have your tokens in the original whitelisted wallet, problems still could arise if for some reason a wallet that was whitelisted is no longer used.
I feel that rewarding FHRs that still hold their XYO tokens is a great idea and perhaps staking is how that can be accomplished. I.E. Thru staking multipliers for FHR tokens.
So, for me (using the KISS principal) :
1> Airdops of bonus XYO tokens for FHR contributors.
2> Bonus multipliers for staking of FHR tokens


I’m also from the United States, and purchased Shares 12/2017 since not being able to purchase tokens. Rawhide, I agree with your comment,


I would love to be a part of FHR. Found xyo in October and bought shares twice. Being new I found out about the token purchases. Unfortunately, Coinbase made it too hard for newbies to hit the gamma deadline. Holding funds. Giving a $50 a week debit. Appeals denied. Hurried to another ecxhange, but missed gamma by 36 hours. Bought tokens on IDEX after Gamma closed. 194,000. I am also waiting on my mining kit. Please consider me Scott for FHR. Thank you!


I also feel strongly that share’s and tokens need to be kept separate. For many reasons. If xy wants to start a “founding share holder” group or give them incentives

…why would xy not just pay share holders dividends?


I see a couple of people talking about being unable to buy XYO tokens in the U.S. during the gamma sale…I am in Oregon, U.S. and a U.S. citizen. During gamma, following instructions posted in an email that Mike Stenger sent out in November, I bought XYO tokens directly into my TRUST wallet using ethereum which was purchased via the dApp section of the TRUST wallet. :slightly_smiling_face:


I forgot to clarify that the TRUST dApp section allowed the ethereum purchase via Coinbase which deposited directly to my TRUST wallet. I then exchanged for XYO tokens in the TRUST wallet. It was by far the easiest XYO token purchase I have made yet.


Did not get an email like that. I do have a Trust wallet, but you would have needed something like Coinbase to get the ETH into the wallet from us $. Coinbase gave me lots of trouble. I filed two appeal cases. Both denied. By the time I went to another exchange to get the ETH in my Trust wallet, gamma was over by just 36 hours. I’m new at this. Learning, but sure wish they would consider those of us who bought shares, mining kits, and tokens, although the tokens were a little late.


I hope they find a solution for tokens that were moved to trust wallet… Ive read replies but didn’t see… Ive purchased in gamma as well as from bitmart and have shares as well… So I hope it works out


RFC #2 - FOR

I personally think the idea of adding the spatial attendees to the FHR is not only a good idea, but imperative to the growth of the network.

Let’s break it down. If ~ 300M tokens are further incentivized to be hodl’d that is almost half of the number of tokens sold in all three token sales. Yes, they can be staked, but allowing for them to generate from dApps as well gives huge incentive for all parties to work together to get the ecosystem running. It benefits the dApp developers as well getting their products into another 300 hands.

Also, there are many ways that people could have supported XYO from the start (pre-main-gamma sales, XY shares, attending spatial) Each of which put money into the company’s coffers.

BUT only the spaitial attendees ALSO gained the knowledge of how the network works and I can say from personal experience that being there first hand changed everything.

I am now sourcing components to build a Diviner and Archivist along with the mining kit (sentinels and bridge) I purchased. There is no substitution for having been there and learned from the very people working every day to get this network off the ground and literally into space!

Everyone of us early adopters and supporters have helped to make xyo the most exciting “crypto” in the world.

We ALL deserve to be apart of the FHR. There is now no way to get on that list beyond the new year and that’s a pretty spatial thing. I meant special. But you get the idea :sunglasses:


I guess anyone not on the fhr will argue to get on it. Anyone on it that attended spacial certainly also has more to gain… but is that fair to the true fhr individuals?? I’d say no

This shouldn’t even be a debate in my opinion.

I’ve spent time pouring over more messages from xy team on reddit saying that this would not happen.

Now… I’m sure it’s going to!

All I’d say is… imagine putting up your eth on the main site following all the rules and then the rug being pulled out from under you to “ reward “ people that the team or individuals now think they should be Included in a piece of the pie.

Gamma and ico buyers (fhr) would get burned if spacial attendees or shares buyers were included in distribution… that’s a fact!

Also… 300 can’t be right because many many more tokens were distributed to spacial attendees.


Personally… I think a decision was made a while ago. But., I’d love to hear what the team is thinking about all of our comments and suggestions.


Also, Scott “imperative to the growth of the network” that’s not fair and very scary to hear any spacial attendees really feel that way. 300 spacial attendees are imperative to the growth of the network?
God I hope you’re wrong


Hey @Cryptonaught. I’m in the FHR already. And a shareholder.

Just saying that it would benefit everyone to have another 300 million tokens further incentivized to hodl and help mine and stake and build the network. Addding them to FHR would help all around.

At this young stage it does matter. Every dollar sent to company and every xyo token used in network helps move it forward.

I’m not sure how it diminishes you in anyway. Instead I see that it helps.

If you and I are both in FHR and then another group people are on it (like shareholders or spatial attendees for example) I don’t see how that is a negative for either of us. I’m confused and just not seeing it.