Alamogordo, New Mexico- by White Sands


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So, I’m interested in knowing what city/state you hail from…I’ll start…

I’m from Kansas City Missouri!


Hello from Oklahoma City, Oklahoma!


The “D” Detroit MI


Conway, AR :grinning:


Geobow here. I’m in Alnwick UK
Near the Harry Potter castle where you can take lessons on how to ride your broomstick. Then look down on all the sentinals


Just received my Geo-Mining Kit today. I live and work mostly in SoFla but travel now and then extensively.
I’m keeping an open mind but it’s going to take awhile for the general market and populace to catch up with us early adopters. Just me saying that! Still exciting when we consider that this project has never been done before and should catch on like all tech does!! Then it’s TOO THE MOON XY XYO!!


Coral Springs, FL


From Staten Island, N.Y. :slightly_smiling_face:


Gabriel here in Escondido Ca. Great to be a part of this. Looking forward to meetings in San Diego area to meetup with others in XYO .Please keep me updated.:slightly_smiling_face:


Aaron aka (Red) here Hornby Island west coast canada


I live in Brighton run a very succesful removals and storage company www.checkatrade.com/nicemanbigvanremovals and want to have GEO Mining kits on my vans and also sell them to the competition to build a LARGE network map of the UK!
We drive all over UK, Denmark, France, Germany, Hollnd, Belgium and more.
We ship containers worldwide (each can have a GEO miner in it ) and our own storage facility which I hope each container can have a Geominer to locate the storage easily (as it is a present headache) Not sure if it can be used so closely though!!
My Brother in Law also is involved in https://www.edgarswater.co.uk/ driving hundreds of vans and lorries all over the UK to deliver water , Fruit and offfice supplies! At present a Sat Nav tracking system costs £40-100 so will SAVE money AND make money for confirming locations!
I am at present in the ‘loony bin’ as my family feel I have invested too much into all this crypto but reading ALL the tech I have faith if i HODL one day (very soon i hope) I will be one of the new 1% then use my money for the good of the planet!! Instead of broke penniless and in this place!! Even was tazered by the police for asking them if they wanted to sit down and talk over a cup of tea before arrestinbg me… @scott any available legal help happily reveived to sue the police and my brother etc for puttig me in here!! All money made will be re invested! I PROMISE!!! WHere can i add the tazer videos (welcome to change the sound track so I am tazered for XYO or something!!!


Avondale/Goodyear Arizona
Definitely interested in a meetup In my area.


I’m in Charlottesville, Indiana