Lake Ozark, Missouri USA where the Netflix series Ozarks was based on


Bedford, England


Green Bay, WI.

Haven’t bought the official mining kit yet, but running the network on 2 Android devices.

BTW where should I be sending beta feedback? I found some inconsistencies between devices.


Benton Arkansas USA


New Jersey and cannot wait for all this to JUST HAPPEN ALREADY !!!


I know, right…There approximately 3000 XYO mining kit owners who want to get spooled up and get mining…


Bay Area, California


Mining Mining Argh!!!



This is Jin from XYO.

We are currently working on our new app that will have some cool features including the map you are talking about! Please stay tuned for any upcoming updates. :slight_smile:



Plz do reply back to me when you launch the map functionality I was asking about…



Springtown Texas (just WNW of Fort Worth).


Glen, thx for replying…I believe you have at least 2 other XYOers in the greater DFW area…


That’s great. Once they have the map out with everyone on there hopefully it will help us coordinate for area coverage. I have no problem in travelling around the area as needed.



Our customers will be the first one to get notified when we there is an exciting updates!


Bakersfield CA


a very good example although slighlty different topic. Helsinki (Finland) Sauna days that spread worldwide. Saunas as far as Vietam, Malaysia, Germany joined.
Could be cool to setup such a website posting community pictures.

Just today I walked around Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia with my XYO t-shirt and hey, one guy got excited when he saw me.


I’m in Perth, Western Australia, Australia


Los Angeles California can’t wait for this project to take off


Fort Riley, Kansas

Tokens, Shares and Geo-Mining fully invested in XYO, Can’t wait for this to explode onto the world.


Swannanoa NC right out side of Asheville