Sentinel firmware issue and other problems


Its been about 2 weeks since the firmware update to 4.0.60 broke the sentinels for those of us unlucky enough to apply it. It causes the sentinels to shut themselves down after 5 mins, pretty much rendering them un- usable.
I am hoping this thread will keep it and other issues in the fore front until the Devs resolve them.

Another problem I have noticed is the Pi based bridge stops seeing sentinels or creating bound witness after a while and has to be rebooted to start working again. The bridge app on my android devices does not have this issue.

Then there is the fact that running the bridges and sentinels does not at this point gain you any XYO tokens,
so its not Geomining at this point, just geo locating, (for the 5 mins my sentinels are up after pressing the button again.)

I fully realize this is all early beta, and believe it is a good start and that the system will be developed into a great system. I am a shareholder and an XYO Hodler, and I appreciate the work this takes to develop such an ambitious project.

Hopefully issues can be discussed and resolved here.


There is a 4.0.56 firmware update showing up for my sentinel that is still at 4.0.53. this update only shows up on the pi bridge, not the android bridge app. The sentinel always makes the power up sound at chunk 1849 of 1850 and never takes the update. None of the sentinels updated to the 4.0.60 firmware show eligible for this update, so it does not appear to fix what 4.0.60 broke.

I’m going to send all 8 sentinels back for replacement. I have to say support has been excellent in communicating with me on this issue. I do wish they could just issue a 4.0.61 firmware update that would fix the issue tho without having to return the hardware. At least they are very responsive in replacing the sentinels.