Sentinel batteries


how do you change the sentinel battery without ruining it


screw driver and pry open gently


I find a 50 pence pice fits the hole exactly.


A nickel works really well and might be an easier find.


Depends wherr you are… in the usa ya american coins are easier to get. here in the uk british coins are easier… something i will say about using rounded edge coins is it’s less serfice area comming into contact with the hole compaired with the stright edge of a 50 pence or even 20 pence coin.


Has anyone investigated the difference between the CR3032H vs CR3032? I did not know if I have to replace with the 3032H or if plain 3032 will work without compromising any functionality. I have 8 that are dead.


I have replaced the CR3032H with the CR3032 and it works fine, not sure what the H stands for, they are the same size and same voltage.


This should help.


Hum… so how much is a recharger? How many times would you need to recharge the battery for it to be more worthwhile than buying new? Only just woke up, my brain isnt working yet.