Sentinals Powering Down?


Hey guys. It seems like my sentinals will only stay on for a minute or 2 at the most and then they power down and the phone app can’t see them until I power them on again. Anyone else have this issue. I have updated the firmware and it hasn’t helped



There is quite a bit of info about the power down issue in some of these other threads.
Its thought to be a firmware issue.

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I believe all the sentenals are doing this… just an update or 2 away … there will be updates on the firmware as we go friend

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Once I started using the COIN app, they’ve been on all day. I was able to leave some in my car, go to work, and I could still see them at the end of the day. I was having the power down issue as well. I don’t think the COIN app provides any updates, but it seemed to work. I’ll let you know if they’re still visible in the morning.



I’m having the same experience as @StatusQuoKiller. They we’re shutting down last night but today they have been working like a charm. All of them have the 4.0.56 update.

One thing I was curious about is that my purple and pink sentinels have a totally different melody when powering up. I got the same new sound when I updated them. I’ll probably post a new thread about this a long with my concerns that if the app isn’t open I am not able to page my phone. Anyway hope your sentinels work out I’m sure all of our concerns are just a few updates away. We are all participating in a new super beta project so lets keep supporting!

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I have always had one sentinel that stays on permanently, the other 7 all switch off after 5 minutes.

There is no change since the COIN release yesterday.

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Happened to me 3 times walking my dog (he’s wearing one) this morning. My guess is battery quality is not very high or energy usage is not efficient? Realize this is still in it’s infancy (like the “car phone” - yeah I had one) but if they bump up the quality of materials and tighten up the apps (before someone else does) they are going to have an excellent product with plenty of profit margin.

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@donaldmitchell Definitely take a look on Amazon or eBay, CR3032 are a little pricey compared to their little brother the CR2032, but I was able to pick up 20 for under $25 from eBay. You will notice an improvement in connectivity if your batteries are low, which some of mine were dead or very close to dead when I got my kits.

I noticed that the ones that shut themselves off after 4 minutes are the ones I pushed the .56 firmware to. For the sentinels I left on .53 they have been staying on constantly now, zero drop at all. Every once in a while you may want to close and restart COIN app. I have had it go to sleep on me, not often. But different people have been experiencing different things, some have no issues with the sentinels on the .56 firmware. Like you said this is totally in Beta, and I honestly am thrilled to be apart of this, regardless of the glitches and bugs, thats what a Beta is all about, the XYO tokens is our compensation :grin: Enjoy your mining, if you have any questions feel free to ask and maybe I can help.



I am in the Coin app and connect my sentinels and they disconnect every time i hit the pickaxe icon.
It says No sentinels connected after it gives me Tokens.
I would have to close down my business to keep up with this!!!

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Follow this and it will get your Sentinels working right! Hope it helps, its a bit wordy, but I was trying to be thorough, this process will stop them from turning off and enable you to check the battery in your sentinel! Click the Link Below!

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Are you using an android? I’m using COIN on iOS and I do not see the section for
“Verified Devices” when I press the sentinels detected.

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@bizintine I’m running Android, but I also have an iPhone X I can use, let me take a look on that and see how different it is. Sorry I didn’t specify before, but I will definitely look for you tonight, thanks for letting me know that, I don’t want to ignore the iOS users.

-ReconCatLord :telescope::cat2::crown:

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I’m going to re post this on your original thread

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What does the “reset” button on Settings do?