Seniors install and operational instructions


As a senior at 75 I am always looking to invest in new ideas and technology and that is why I purchased 325 shares and a Geomining Kit, Not being tech savvy I do have a suggestion and that is for YX to put all the associated links all on an instruction page especially considering seniors do spend a lot of money, if it was made easier I would look at investing by acquiring more shares. Also it would be far more benefical to me as an investor rather than have $600 in bonus articles is to give me extra shares as I am not interested in hats and t-shirts. Also I have no idea if my module is working as it never beeped when I tried to download firmware updates.

So please take into consideration that seniors want to invest in ideas that can made to be easier understood and operate as I have no idea how to activate the sentinels even after watching live presentation.

Terence Walsh


I agree… if a total novice can’t’ be handed the instructions & Told to figure it out… the instructions need to be modified. I’m a novice & missed a couple weeks of updating my brain. I brought my husband on board so 2 heads are better than one.