Security Guard Location Tracking


This would help companies track where their security guards are but also help calculate the last time a particular area was patrolled by a human and help with making sure all areas are patrolled on a regular basis as well as identifying areas that aren’t patrolled or should be patrolled more often based on the routes the guards take.


This is Great! The concern they may have is in regards to route data getting out.

Chain of custody is a major use case


Yes, route data would be proprietary but so is a lot of other data that’s on the public cloud these days. I’m assuming they could build their own network of sentinels/bridges/archivists for the data and leave the diviners in the cloud somewhere to do the computation. In that way you could RBAC the data so that only those who need access get access. If that’s possible, then this leads to a significant increase in portability to other areas. This could also perhaps lead to private companies building out large sentinel/bridge/archivist infrastructure and have certain keyed tags being proprietary and stored locally where general consumer use location data is provided out to the public.


Hi @AdventureLinds,
Another thing I was thinking based on your idea is being able to track free-roaming employee time. Right now it seems a lot of companies that have free-roaming employees abide by the honor system-- so employees document their in-and-out times individually— and I’m assuming it’s a bit difficult to manage whether or not that security guard (per your example) is actually being truthful in their reports. By tracking their routes (while on your company premise) you’re essentially verifying if they’re actually covering the grounds they’re suppose to be covering and ultimately verifying that they are doing their jobs and –for a lack of a better word– verifying that employees are not stealing company time.

I think this could be a great application that can save companies times of money and resources.


that’s a really good point! I’m sure there’s plenty of other use cases inside a business. Like in distribution facilities that have pickers. You could evaluate the paths of each picker and their route efficiency and what better floor layouts work best. You could also have tracking on things such as fork lifts, hand trucks, dollies, etc… I’m sure a trade company (plumber, electrician, etc…) would like to know how often certain tools get used to help, or if tools are stolen to help predict their purchase patterns for replacement tools. If each company van had a sentinel then that’d help expand both coverage for the company but those trucks could help make them money being driven around and providing location data for others.


Absolutely, I think you’re on to something!