Satellite to sentinal?


Can anyone explain how the satellite will operate. The sentinals only go 25ft so no chance of reaching a satellite, (unless it’s very low) Car GPS reaches satellite but can’t see low range sentinels making contact.


I have a few theories on this, pretty much just speculation on my end. I don’t have insider secrets haha. But I’m glad to have someone to talk it out with!

  1. I think if towns had a powered “master” sentinel that could reach the satellite, then the sentinels could effectively send data through that master.

  2. (my personal favorite) sentinels themselves could be powered, especially when integrated into vehicles, smart refrigerators, etc. and could effectively create bound witness with anyone, anywhere. If relative location to the satellite for each sentinel is known, then relative location between the sentinels is known. New York just verified a transaction in London. A lot depends on how precise the measurements can be from a physics/tech standpoint, which I’m not familiar with. But I imagine it’s similar to a hiker triangulating their own location with respect to other landmarks. precision may not be great at first, maybe miles, but should improve with time just like conventional GPS has.

  3. your cell phone also doesn’t send data to a satellite when you use something like google maps. It has a satellite receiver which only allows for the satellite to send data to the phone. The sentinels could also have a receiving capability and their GPS location is just an addition piece of information carried along their origin chains.

I’d love to hear other theories!!


@Geobow ultimately, I think some new hardware needs to be developed. I doubt the sentinels as they are are the envisioned complement to the satellites.



How the satellites will work with the sentinels? Is the satellite going to be designed only to talk to archivist and deviners that are working online and not the sentinels?

Don’t know the mechanics interms of the programming but I am assuming that the satellites will only talk to deviners and archivist that are connected to the XYO network. The satellites will more than likely be connected to the internet via large satellite dishes :satellite: located somewhere on the earth in specific locations that will then be connected to the internet and XYO Network​:hugs:. That’s how most satellites systems work. Even if the satellite is located in space. There has to be ground stations receiving the signals which are then sent via the internet or RF signals :alien::satellite::alien:


Maybe XYO should partner up with
SOLSTAR (I’ve invested in them through start up platform “we funder”) who have recently launched the first WiFI in space.
I think spacex, blue horizon and Virgin galactic have signed up