Road map Q4 2018


For Q1&Q2 You guys Rock it.:trumpet::guitar::trumpet:

Now for Q3&Q4

  1. Launch of XY Oracle Main Network Web Application (“GAMMA”)

XY will be rolling out the GAMMA Application, which enables various tools and functionality for blockchain developers to begin generating smart contract code to interact with the real world.

  1. XY to Complete API for Smart Contract Developers to Interact With the XY Oracle Network

Release of the XYO Network API that enables smart contract developers to write contracts to interact with XY’s network. Libraries to be developed: Ethereum Solidity Library, Ethereum Viper Library and JavaScript library for websites to interact with the XYO Network (similar to the Web3.js integration with MetaMask).

  1. XY to Release XY Sticker-Based Trackers, Which Can Be Added to eCommerce Packages

Launch the “XY-Stick” product which enables eCommerce retailers to track every single one of their products in realtime.

    Gama Demo

  1. that is Dapploy/Dapper/Dache

can seems to find news about no.3

Can anyone share anymore NEWS about This Topic?? so i can update this For all