Recharge your sentinal batteries


Ok,so after i did some research i found you can possibly recharge your 3v button batteries by using a 9v Neg to neg,pos to pos for about 30 seconds… i have not tested yet but will do as soon as i get a dead battery… would like to know if anyone tries it before i can if it works or not?



:grimacing: I’d be too nervous to try it. Let us know if it works.




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@Lightningstruck @Mamahunnybee @lancealvarez75Xyo

LoL I feel like this is the XYO equivalent to sticking our tongue on the frozen flag pole in winter (A Christmas Story nostalgia)
@Lightningstruck I got a bit of a enhanced idea if you get any luck with this, I will construct one that will be safer or easier to use lol; I was thinking this:

AC Electric Two Pole Plug /wire :electric_plug:
Adjustable 5v to 12v Voltage Regulator (modified from old laptop charging block/cable) :black_large_square:
Some Simple 26g to 28g electrical wire
Soldering Gun with Solder
Some Type of Insulated Clip, Like a Large Document Clip To Hold Contacts of Battery :paperclips:
Sentinel Battery :battery:

:electric_plug: —Wires–> :black_large_square: —>Split Positive and Ground Wire—> :paperclips: ----> :battery:

Well you get the idea, best I could do with emoji, I will have to draw it out lol.

ReconCatLord :telescope::cat2::crown:



I like the gif. It’s kinda what I had in my head when I was trying to visualize charging the battery.




lol thanks, just a little more electrifying!

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I play with 15000 thousand volts for fun as a litchtenberg pyrography artist,hence the name lightning struck. Point being 3v isnt even going to tickle,worse case scenerio i think would be the button would pop like a fuse…



True 3v button battery will only tickle, but you could also murder someone with 3v…just put like 1000 amps behind it, 15000 volts at that amp level…you will become 3D spatial piece of art yourself as we scrape your bile ducts off the ceiling…sorry I been watching to much Walking Dead reruns lately lol.

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Its no big deal really…
Just not sure how good it would work as far as lasting power. My assumption would be charge would not last as long or as i already stated,would pop the button battery like a fuse… yes 15k volts is deadly but thats why i like it…lol.
pic is my deer made using only electricity and water solution.


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Reminds me of an episode of “1000 Ways to Die” where some guy hooked up some beef liver to a car battery charger and started maturbating with the beef liver.

Needless to say; He ended up dead :thinking::grin:



:dizzy_face: Not a great way to die…at least I wouldn’t want to die that way



I’d love to die with a smile on my face :rofl::joy::thinking:



I think this “Topic” has gotten off Topic??? :joy::sweat_smile:

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15,000 thousand?

15,000 * 1,000 = 15,000,000

Yeah; 15 million would be deadly


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