Origin Chain length


Not a scooby what this means or what it is my current chain length is 1 with geo kit and 5k coins any ideas?
Thanks in advance


Building a Bridge?

My origin chain length is 1 and has not changed since I got my kit in December. I figured it was because actual mining wasn’t live yet but I’m seeing other people building origin chain. Any ideas what the problem is???

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Go into settings and make sure the default archivist is showing, and if not add it.
I’ve noticed the pi bridges sometimes drop the default archivist, and there will be no IP address shown under the archivist tab.
Also both of my pi bridges seem to turn off blue tooth after about 45 mins and have to be rebooted to see sentinels again. I believe this is a known bug and hopefully will be fixed soon.



I’ve tried adding the default archivist, rebooting and even leaving it on for an extended period of time but still only get an origin chain length of 1. My bridge does the same thing and loses sight of my sentinels after a short time and I have to reboot it in order for them to see again. I’m wondering if it’s defective considering the origin chain. I might give them a call tomorrow and see what they think.



Can u let us know the outcome please



So I called today and I was told that because the network is not live yet I will not see a change in my origin chain length. The woman I spoke to was unsure why other users are building origin chain but assured me once the network is live the update will sort everything out.

Honesty not sure how much faith I have in this but we’ll see.



Keep the faith



Just set up a seperate bridge I received in the mail yesterday and the origin chain length also remains at 1. So unless I somehow got unlucky enough to receive two defective kits… then I think we’re gonna be alright folks! :raised_hands:




Have you tried having a cell phone running the bridge app near your other bridges ?
My Pi bridges seem to create the most bound witnesses when I place my android phone in range after its been out and about with a sentinel in my pocket.
Its strange yours are not creating bound witnesses if sentinels are in range. My Pi bridges have bigger origin chain lengths than either my android phone or tablet bridge apps do.



I have an iPhone so I haven’t been able to get my hands on the beta network app. Does yours still build origin chain even without the app open near the bridge ?

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They do. I have the 2 Pi bridges, (ones a clone of the XYO original) on my computer desk with 5 sentinels.
They create bound witnesses randomly, I have no idea what makes a bridge decide to create a bound witness. Also quite often a bridge will say bound witness start - then say bound witness failure, once again I have no idea why.
I have both bridges power supply’s plugged into a programable timer that shuts them off for 1 min every hour, since they stop seeing sentinels about 20 to 40 mins after a re-boot.



The timer sounds like a good way to get around the Bluetooth shut off. For now… hopefully when we go live they will fix this issue so we can build longer chain lengths. As of right now mine still remains at 1 so it’s looking like the live update is my only hope to see some changes



Here is something I would try if I were having your issue: first I would log into my router and attempt to identify the pi bridges as being connected and get their IP addresses. Mine show up as a linux PC. Then I would try pinging them to see if they are responding.
Are you connected via WIFI or ethernet cable ?
If WIFI, have you tried hardwiring them to see if it makes a difference?
It sorta sounds like your bridges have an internet conectivity problem.



I logged into my router and identified the bridge. I have been using an Ethernet connection but have also tried WiFi with the same results. How do I go about pinging the bridge to check for a response?

Edit: Just pinged the bridge and it was sent and received. Seems to be working fine

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The XY4+ sentinels are not creating bound witnesses yet. If your origin chain length is increasing, it’s either due to your XYO app on your phone, or if you have 2 physical bridges, one set to sentinel and one set to bridge mode.



Origin chain length. Mine is still 1. Is it good for it to increase, and what does that even mean. I am still learning. Want to understand how to make the most of my investments. Please take the time. I also intend to increase the penetration in the market with my innate ability and gift of selling. I must understand the ins and outs for the truly interested. I can sell this to almost anyone. But I need answers.



Have you read this one yet? Most questions will be answered there and if you want to get even more technical you can read their yellow paper.



What’s the Pi bridge? I am running COIN on my android phone set as “bridge” (not “sentinel”). [I have no idea what the difference is when using.:thinking:]



The COIN app is a different app than the XYO Network app on android. The XYO network app allows your android device to act as a bridge or a sentinel, and currently is not really doing anything yet. The COIN app is more of a game where you can “mine” some XYO tokens. The Pi bridge is the bridge XYO sells, which is a Raspberry Pi 3B with the XYO network software running on the SD card.



Would it be prudent to backup the SD card?

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