Newbie bought tokens thinked I’ve been scammed


I explored xyo and joined the telegram group direct from their website
Bought some eth sent to this address via trust


Joined messenger what I think is genuine xyo network tel them the above they say they just found out it’s a scam … wtf is going on🤗


@eden2011 you didnt get your ETH in your wallet to buy XYO?

Who gave you the wallet address?

Whats a scam the telegram group or XYO?


Are you XYOofficial? If so I’ll go through this in more detail … worries about more scammers !


no im not!! talk to @Erika or @FartGobbler


Also ETH transactions are seeming to take forever!!
So maybe leave iut and check again later?

I keep getting worried by the transaction times :frowning: Hope Eth sorts it out!


Hi @eden2011,
Our official telegram channel is @XYONetwork with no underscore ( and we have about 14,000 members; the Telegram channel you accessed is not ours unfortunately and the contract address you sent ETH to does not belong to XYO. I’m so sorry this happened to you.

TO EVERYONE HERE: Please note our team will NEVER ask you to send ETH to a specific contract address or offer you any bonuses via a private message or on any social channel, we will always direct you to the official XYO website ( to purchase XYO tokens or XY equity. Please be on the lookout for scammers who impersonate admins and send private messages with fake ETH address.


But the telegram link was on your website that’s how i got it!!! I’m still talking to this guy and he’s doing the same with attrace as he had 2 telegram xyo contacts and today changed to attrace

Now I’m obviously very pissed off and very stressed as o got this link from your website in addition he did send me some xyo please see attached

This was all my savings and I need somehow to at least have some xyo which I paid for with eth through coinbase … maybe you think im a mug or naive but This link came form you website not some random thing as I was very cautious into my firts adventure into crypto

He telll me he’s in Malaysia I’m still talking to him pleading him to Send some back … can’t he be traced as he must have some xyo as he did put some in my wallet see attached


Hi Eden,
There is absolutely no way the scam link came from our official XYO website. I’m really sorry but it definitely looks like you have been scammed. Unfortunately both the amazing potential and power that comes with crypto currencies can also sometimes seem like a problem in situations like this. With information being cryptographically encrypted it makes it extremely difficult to identify a person with just their wallet address. I’m afraid there is not much we can do on our end.

A suggestion (which sadly may not do you in particular any good) is to write a comment on Etherscan warning others that this is a scam address and to not send any crypto to it.

You can view all transactions associated with the wallet you sent your ETH to here:


I do hear you but I can definitely tell you that he told me he cloned your telegram address and I specifically recall that there was a telegram link on your site as that all I was looking at the time fo several days, I did not just come up with that telegram address form anywhere else … it was via your site … I know This is difficult to prove

One more thing I have about 5400 xyowhich he gave me is this actyallly worth anything? If so how much and woudl I ever be able to recover the amount of money I’ve spent on eth with this amount of xyo

Finally am I the only one you have come across with this type of scam related to xyo?


Hello again

Sorry but I’m not going to let this go as I followed your website and Lio is there,

You told me that there is no telegram link on your site and i juts looked and there is

I flowed your procedure fully please see screen shot

This was some 3 months ago and I’m just going back through how i got to Tahi’s point

I have the full and first communications with (what I through was xyo) after clicking the link some months ago

I even registered with you and went thriough that process on may 5th 2018, attached screenshots

I found it extremely difficult understanding the process and had this support which i thoiught was you

Even your wallet s=address is different now than it was then

Been on your site going through this again to remind myself how i got in this situation

I am confirming that (yes i kn ow I was scammed) but i went brought your website so there is a fault there in terms of something

This was my first ever trio into crypto and I’m not bortheredd about making money i was more interested in XYO and going on that journey and each month i was buying 2 eth and converting to xyo and now i have nothing, is there any i can do for you and xyo to get some tokens as its clearly not the first time this has happened and one would have thought that you would have had the security in place too prevent such things

Please help em as I’m totally devastated as I dint have a lot of money and family to feed



well your story is full off loops holes i found interesting…
1.Buying of xyo token is “Idiot Proof” after your register just send your eth to the address provided.
2.You kept saying you got the fake link form their website have you ever though you got phishing scam? show image with no context at all. show to “dates of the post” and convo. i can Fake a convo with me and Erika on telegram i found 3 apps on my phone for that propose.

i get it you got scam and is angry but form your images and how your reaction, i can say i can’t really believe in this scenario i maybe wrong i am sorry if you got scammed but there is just too much inconsistency.


Well this was some 4 months ago … from memory I was finding it hard to buy ( take into account that it’s my firts time with this wallet stuff etc and CB and never heard of them… wish I could have just bought using my Visa card !! It was very complicated the entire process unless you are familiar wit these concepts … I doubt someone would know what I do about landlord and tenant law for example …

I recall ending Up on telegram that’s all talkijgbto some one who took me through all the above several times as I wasn’t quite grasping wallets tokens and mainly the process of to actually buy this stuff…

It’s not a story it’s a factual account of the events which I experienced and only the last day I’ve been going through it all again and all my telegram chats and various things to see how this happened … no one contacted me on telegram … the chat was initiated by me from the link on your site … he told me he had cloned the telegram or something … in the end I’ll never know but that doesn’t stop me trying … I do feel xyo could do more for total knobheads like me who have no understanding of the language and the concepts involved… I run a bus Ness and make it easy for my clients

Thanks though mate for your input


Hi Eden,
We are doing our best on our end to help deter scammers from our official social channels however as gohhan mentioned above there are phishing scams all over the web which is why we also always encourage everyone in this ecosystem to do their research. Thank you for your input, we will absolutely be writing more articles and making more videos and tutorials for those in our community who are completely new to the world of crypto and blockchain.


Howdy eden2011,

I am very new on this forum, and just read about your plight. Scammers and phishers should be hot tarred and feathered, in the town square. They will answer to a higher power eventually. I know this next comment will not ease your pain, but at least you will know you are not alone in your misery.

In late 2015 , I was approached by a seemingly good friend who conned me into sinking in excess of $32,000.00 into a new thing called crypto-currency. It took me 24 months to read between the lines and see that I was scammed. Ask around and will not take long to determine who this Bulgarian based hoodlums are. They scored Billions $$$$ . Do not let this ruin your health. It is easy for me to say, I know, but you will recover !!


@Roadstar Thank you for sharing. :hugs:


Mine was much less that that and I am over it now it took 3 days of anger. That said there has to be systems to prevent this (which goes against the ethos I suppose) but coinbase , wallet apps and ICOs etc should actually get their acts together


Hi Erika, Not sure who to send this to but, while trying to find the Yellow paper on the legit site i ended up on this copycat site “” . Almost signed up for account on the wrong website.


Hi Bruce, That is our official Medium profile page, think of it as our blog but it lives on instead of on our site. Can I ask-- what did you clicked on from our main page that it sent you to our Medium profile?

The Yellow paper can be found by clicking on the Research navigation button at the top of our xyo. network homepage. Scroll down a little and you will see Our Papers.

You can also find the Yellow Paper here direclty: :slightly_smiling_face:


Woah, $32,000 in 2015? That would be crazy!

Ethereum was a dollar in late 2015. Now everyone is sad because Ethereum is now under 200 dollars haha.