Needing knowledge


I am not knowledgeable on the process as a share holder nor can I find the app that works with iPhone for my sentinels
Please advise


Not sure if that link will work since I have android but should at least get you on the right track. The xyo app is currently android only but developers mentioned its in the works and should be out q1 2019


I am a share holder, but I have not purchased any sentinels because I do not have a cell phone. I do have a desktop computer, but no hand held devices. My telephone is old school ‘hard wired’. I’m not interested in purchasing a cell phone. Is there anyway I could use the sentinels?


Im fairly certain you need to use the mobile app to attach your trackers to an account but after that you can gain location information from the website using your desktop. The location information is from contact with a gps device so unless someone near by is running the app you may not get the most up to date location information, yet just having sentinels (powered on) benefits the network. If you get a mining kit the bridge device which is hardwired should provide local location information when the sentinels are nearby and through the bridge you can “identify” a device which makes it beep very similar to using the app so while not as beneficial as connecting them to a phone it is possible.


Thank you for the information.:heart:


You DO NOT need a cellphone to ask as a bridge…Since you’re posting questions online I’m assuming that you have connectivity to the net at home. If that is true then just purchase a geo-mining kit and install the Raspberry Pi device onto your router.



Hi Jeff, Thank you for your reply, it was most helpful. It seems like everyone has a cell phone these days, I had one while I was working, but I’m retired now and glad to be free of it. I do enjoy the internet, It doesn’t ring every five minutes. I spend a lot of time on the beach, retirement is great. And even better than being retired, I’m not married. Life is good.

Best wishes to you and your team in the new year. Keep kicking ass.