Lost Pet Tracking


Stickers could be put on the pendants of pet collars to help find them when they get loose.


Great Idea. There are Sooo many use cases. Maybe XYO could have a competition for the best ideas, then reward with tokens


XY Findables has a small GPS tag you can purchase to put on your animals collar. May be a little expensive for most peoples tastes but it is available. Here is the link to their page. https://www.xyfindit.com/xygps/


now you’re thinking! :smiley:


I wonder if the XY tag could be incorporated with the data chip they implant into pets now.


So lost pet signs stapled to telephone poles could include a QR code to accept the contract and a bounty description… “Whoever brings my pet (with embedded token, or collar Findable) back to ( X ) address at the agreed-upon ( Y ) time, will get (X ) reward.”

Can a smart contract have multiple applicants but only pay out to the one who actually completes the contract? Could be really handy.


Wow - that’s thinkin’!


This is definitely a use case I have been actively thinking about. There’s a lot of potential with this idea, and I would love to have my Onyx safely locatable through the XYO Network.


That’s a heckin goodboye. Let’s keep Onyx safe!


that would be a great name for the app too… Onyx.


Fun fact: Our original XY Finder color names, all the way to XY3.1, were almost all minerals. Black was called Onyx.

The others were Snow, Ruby, Amethyst, Aquamarine, Crystal (XY2 only), Citrine (XY3 only), Silver, and the flagship color we used for marketing was Jade, which is still my favorite.


neat! maybe we need a different name then… like Howlp Meowt :crazy_face:


Having an integrated missing poster is a wonderful idea!


This is the best idea for two reasons:

  1. My dog should make her own damn living

  2. A dog with a predictable pattern regularly interacting with a human with a human (companion app) is a great anchor point for the network


How about one step further and being able to do this for scientific studies of wildlife populations? You could attach trackers to just about any animal species because of the size/weight being so small. Then they could setup temporary (for the study lenght) sentinels powered by solar in the geographic area they want to track. Obviously they could cluster them near water bodies, known trails, etc… to find their movement patterns. Using a public network could be fun too if you’re hiking out in the wilderness you could get a warning that a bear is in the vicinity, or you could see deer or something on the app and get to see them in nature instead of a zoo.


that is a great idea! national parks could use it to track their dangerous creatures. all sorts of possibilities.


Not a bad idea! In fact, we (scientists) already do this. We use this data all the time to study how animals, both aquatic and terrestrial, move.

There are really cool ways this data is collected: some passive, like acoustic telemetry, some active, like satellite tracking. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/GPS_wildlife_tracking

Keep in mind, XYO Network brings decentralization, which doesn’t necessarily improve every use case.

These are great thoughts though, keep them coming!


Would make a nice necklace or bracelet for your daughters or nieces too.


My favorite is Amber.
A common scenario i am sure… I have 2 doggies(brothers, short THICK legged beagles)…
They roam a 1.x+ mile circle around the property(rural, nearest house 1/3 mile.
It is hilly, (Appalachian foothills), woody, cattle electric fencing thru the trees all over the place,
crisscrossing creeks, visibility maybe 50 yards when leaves are green, in some directions 0(zero).
Yes, the scenario of a hill being in the way horizontally is 100% likely.

What device(combinations of devices/apps) will let me know where my pupperonies roam in action.
Will I get:

  • a dot on a map?
  • distance from where I track?
  • coordinates?
  • will electric fencing interfere with signal?
  • cloud cover ?
  • rain?
  • will I be able to plot(coordinates) points(residences, etc) on the map(if)?
  • resolution/accuracy?
  • …