I need more info to participate and "mine"? How to play, so to speak


That feature is still being worked on. Hopefully before the end of the end of the year.


Thanks! And happy holidays! A cited about today :grin::christmas_tree::tada:take care and thanks for the reply


If I gift my xy find its that i got with my mining kit do I still collect the profits?


Looking for videos or some kind of help. All let’s make this a good experienced.
XYO team not looking good! you did take my money.


PizzaMind when I try to add the default archivist, I get an error saying “xyo app has stopped working”. Do you have any ideas how to resolve this? Excited to get started!


I had that happen at one point too. Try a hard reboot of the pi.


I don’t know if you guys have read that article that just came out on medium.com an hour ago about the cost of fuel mining cost more than the value of the coin itself???


Any chance of providing the hyper link? I think also it depends on the country… In parts of Russia electricity is very cheap and so it’s more profitable their. Different countries have different rules. Also, some places (like if your living in HUD provided housing) give you free electricity as part of the deal… it’s not as black and white as it may appear.


it’s still in beta, so it requires a bug fix.


Hopefuly they will have gotten rid of most of the bugs by the time mining goes live (12PM 6th feb 2019).