I need more info to participate and "mine"? How to play, so to speak




Same Here.


You can mine on almost any decent desktop computer by installing the mining software once it is released (not for another couple months). You can run diviners or archivists (or both, if your machine is powerful enough).

You can also use XYO’s mining kit, which features a sentinel and a bridge. You will also be able to convert any bluetooth capable device into a sentinel, and any android device into a bridge.

Once main net is closer, lots of documentation and maybe some training videos will be made available.


I am looking forward to the software to come out. Will you guys notify us here on Telegram or a general announcement from XYO. And what would be the general requirements of the computer, besides a powerful graphics card?


Pizza, Can I mine from anywhere??? Thanks in advance?


Have mining kits started shipping? I bought one a week ago and I knew that it would take some time to get it, but can you share what is realistic? I’m thinking that there’s a lot of work going on right now for Spatial, so I understand. But what would be the expectation on actually getting the mining kit? Thanks! Chris


can you point me to some documentation on XYO staking ruleset for an archivist/diviner node? I want to buy one of your rigs now but the staking specifications are a black box as far as i can find. Any resources you can provide would be great.


It’s relative. The more you stake in relation to others around you, the more trusted your node is.


Hey Pizzamind - Does a Sentinel hold their data transaction(s) until it hits a bridge? Your bridge or the first one it crosses?



I’ll hit you up at your AB number soon. Too many questions. Great looking machines.


PM by POWERFUL ENOUGH, what do I need to look for if just purchasing an external hard drive? I mean EXACTLY. LOL. I know nothing about this. Tell me if my assumptions are correct. I will have the mining kit that XY sends me. I’m in process of purchasing an HDMI / USB capable screen. I’m also getting a mouse with the little plug for wireless. I’m also getting a wireless keyboard. Now, I need a hard drive to do more extensive (archivist) mining? If I’m on the right track, what type of hard drive? Tell me so I can go into Best Buy and say “I NEED THIS”, and show them what you tell me to get. Thanks as always PM!


what you’re describing sounds like you plan on running an archivist node off the XYO bridge that comes in the mining kit? is that correct? it’s a fascinating idea, one I hadn’t considered. I think it is possible in theory, but to set that up on the Raspberry PI board inside the Bridge would take considerable knowledge.

if that’s the adventure you’re on, I highly recommend you keep going! you will be the first to pioneer this configuration, and I am sure many others will help you along the way.

so to answer your question, go to best buy and ask for this.


The exact model is not necessary. Just ask them for an external hard drive that connects via USB.

You may need USB hubs also, for all those devices you want to connect. The bridge won’t have enough.

USB 3.0 for 4 external hard drives https://www.bestbuy.com/site/insignia-4-port-usb-3-0-hub-black/5631038.p?skuId=5631038

USB 2.0 for keyboard/mouse https://www.bestbuy.com/site/targus-4-port-usb-2-0-hub-black/4571721.p?skuId=4571721


Thanks PM for the lengthy and thoughtful reply. Well I hardly qualify to be on the cutting edge of this thing! :laughing:. If it will require a lot of knowledge, I doubt I could do it and keep my sanity. So for now I guess I’ll just stick with my sentinels and bridge. Oh and of course the mouse and keyboard. I do greatly appreciate your response and it makes me sad that I’m not smart enough in this field to use the info that you provided. Maybe somehow I’ll be able to buy one of your $5k apparatuses sometime in the next year or two.



If it’s any solace, know that I’ve only been in this scene for a year. I do have an IT background, but this was all stuff I’d never attempted before. If you give it a go, you’ll come very very far by next year yourself.

The best thing you can do to get started is watch youtube videos on how to learn linux, how to build your first computer, and IT for beginners.

Once you’ve seen the same things often enough, it all becomes legos. Just get your reps in :slight_smile:


Thanks PM! You’ve inspired me to learn the Linux thing! Ok I’ll watch YouTube videos. I hope I’m not biting off more than I can chew with all these new things at once. I feel like my brain is on overload already with XYO, Blockchain and several other coins I’m researching. Not to mention the whole wallets thing too. Thanks for giving me some hope on learning how to build a computer. Wow! I’m going to do it. You know I’ll be asking a lot of questions tho.




Hi PM, i’m stuck and need some help. i’ve downloaded and extracted archivist softeware from github. in the directory, i can now see two json files. not sure what the next step is? i know just enough linux to be dangerous. whats the linux command to start up the archivist? or are there a few more steps to the install process that i am missing? is there any documentation on steps for installing archivist someplace that you can point me to? thanks…


They have removed all the necessary files and instructions from public access at this time. I can’t install it right either. I’ll get more info on why next week, and when they expect to resume letting us set up nodes.


What you still see up on there says “for xyo internal use only” in the readme notes.


Got it, thanks… Let me know when the files become available again…


Hi pizza mind we met at spatial… Is there currently a way to associate a wallet address with the sentinels to mine? Or is that a future add on?