Hodlers from ICO


Hi, I’m a hodler of XYO tokens since last May. I’m also considering buying some shares in XYO though haven’t quite made up my mind yet. As I’m recently new here I thought I’d introduce myself to the community in general.


Thanks for the support! If you have any questions about the equity offer, feel free to ask me here or to send an email to investor-relations@xyfindables.com.


As it happens, I bought 45 shares in XY equity on 21st December 2018. Taking the Christmas holidays into account, I was wondering how long it will take for me to receive my share certificate and kit? I signed and returned the form emailed to me immediately after receiving and signing off on it. Email address used was john72doyle@gmail.com which I’ve now changed to cryptocoinsearcher@gmail.com as my permanent address.


Holder from ICO . I believe XYO will be the top cryptocurrency.