Hodlers from ICO


Hi all.
I am trying this new channel. I am an XYO holder, from the ICO. I believe this token will be one of the greatest blockchain creations in the coming years. Cheers.


Holder from ICO also. This project definitely has potential.


Good times, can’t wait for spatial!! Best coin I ever spent. Noob dev and wizard of general internet fuckery, reporting 4 duty.


I wonder if there can be a room dedicated to Hodlers with access being given to confirmed individuals only.


We’re looking into this @SpeakEasySolutions! :wink:


Me too!! Can’t wait to see the progress of the team and XYO!!


I just got mine direct from the site!! Do i qualify? :slight_smile:


you beat me by 1 day? :frowning:


Hi there, love this project and very hopeful for the future.hodling…


Hi everyone! I’m no crypto technocrat but Ilove to hodl. I’ve been following the xyo community at the sideline. It has been great!!


Got the tokens from both ICO and gamma.


Hello everyone I am an ICO holder too from Canada. I believe in this project.


Hi ng103072, Welcome!


Well I did t buy tokens but I bought the shares in xy. Do I count in as an original. I’m working on saving to buy tokens so I can be a hodler to. I’m telling you this is the company that will make something of the block chain like never before.


Hello XYO Member which is the best ICO In the market. Would you please give me some name.
Cheer :smiley::smiley::grinning::smile::smiley::grinning:


some name?


Is that good enough? :wink:

I thought you were named Mark? Dont like that one? :wink:


Hi there… um I was scrolling on Medium and came across a startup called Pink Taxi… they’re in London(I think). They creating an Uber/Lyft replacement (disruption). The business philosophy for empowerment of women. Was created to be safer since the statistics of assaults on women are high globally in the taxi category. The paper mentioned side chains and It sounds to me like a good partnering candidate? I believe they (and XYO)could benefit


Hi Siri, thank you so much for this, we will definitly be doing some research and have our partnerships team reach out to the Pink Taxi team if it’s a good fit. :blush:


Happy to be part of the community as an ico investor and hodler…


Hi @Yarafat
Thank you for your support and for joining us, welcome!