Hello everyone how's it going?


I made an account yay! hello everyone ico holder here. Glad to be apart of the XYO revolution.



Thanks for joining us!


No problem anything to support XYO is top priority Scott thanks for all the teams continuing hard work.


I have just joined up too,I am from Australia.


Hi @grahos, Welcome!


Hello! From Bolivar Missouri.


Hi Jackie, welcome!


So am i grahos. Where from. I am from Sydney.


Bendigo Vic.


Hey @grahos,
Thanks for joining us, sake a look around the forum and let us know if you have any questions. Welcome!


I want to introduce a mate to XY shares ,how do I do that or what do I send him,please help me do this right.


@Erika are shares still available or Sold out?


Visit xy.company/invest or xyfindables.com/invest for all of the information on purchasing shares.


More information on Spatial, Where is it? Things to do during that time?


All of the info on Spatial is at Spatial.xyo.network - it’s at the InterContinental in San Diego the weekend of November 9.