Having sentinel issues please help


@medinaluis I tried it a couple times for each sentinel, but it did not fix any of them, they still shut themselves down after exactly 5 mins. I would have been somewhat surprised it worked since the issue clearly is related to the 4.0.60 firmware update, unless removing the battery caused them to revert to earlier firmware, which it should not. It would sure be nice to at least hear when this might be addressed with a firmware fix.


I dont know how or why it worked but it did for me. They did not revert, they still read as 4.0.60 and are still working. like I said it didn’t work with all of them but did with some. Honestly, don’t know why it worked but it did maybe keep trying it with one or two here and there and cross your fingers. The only thing i can think of is by disconnecting them from the find it app and pulling the battery forces them to reconnect as if they were new and causes it to “catch”. or maybe its dumb luck lol.


I should also say that although they work now, not very well. The find it function rarely works like 1 in 10 or more same with the click to find phone. So they are still far from fixed, but they don’t shut off and still relay how close they are (very near, near, medium, far very far) as well as show up on the map. so Im still holding out for a fix so it can work as it should but that bootleg fix i recommended did bring back at-least half the functionality it is not a full fix.


How long did you leave the batteries out ?


Just a few minutes


disconnected the sentinel from the app pulled battery for a few minutes replaced battery reconnected sentinel to app. for one that worked right away for the other took a few times disconnecting from app pulling battery reconnecting to app waiting to see if it shut off if it did i did it again and again until it finally just stayed on .


In an email with XY Findables support, they said they will pass on the shutting down issue to their team.


yea ive been asking on the telegram channel and they said the same a few times. latest i heard they were working on a way to roll them back while they create a firmware update

Geomining kit set up. Wtf?

I am going to create a topic on the firmware issue to hopefully keep it in the forefront until it is resolved.


The works but its a known issue its asked about just about daily on the telegram channel and they are working on it dont think well hear any more info until its released.


My origin chain length is still sitting at 1…yes ONE…Is that a problem?

I’ve had to kit for about a week now and it’s installed as a Bridge with the raspberry pi being the hardware connecting to the net…

Can someone plz offer some insight to the proper setup of the Bridge and Sentinels?



I think they’re working on the system I notice ill be stuck at a number a few days then boom it jumps. I also noticed disconnecting and reconnecting from wifi, archivist, and rebooting sometimes makes it start working again. Could be timing or coincidence but I make it a habit to reboot everything every few days just in case. I say its more likely their working on the system though.


I have the same experience. Yet my origin chain continues to grow daily. Mine are at 1350 today. Since the bridges are by default set to auto update firmware, and neither of my bridges have as yet, I think when they push out a non-beta firmware update for the bridge, it will be safe to update the sentinels.
I have seen the “added new bound witness” msg quite often when I return home to my base bridge.


@ricthesoundguy @medinaluis Am I crazy in thinking that XYO should be providing responses on this board? All I am experiencing is frustration with my non-working sentinels, and continued emails from @mikestenger to be buying more of them. I’m invested in a mining kit, plenty of tokens, and plenty of equity, so had thought that this was a good concept. But with zero help from XYO on this, I can no longer confidently recommend this as a good idea. Any thoughts?


I don’t think you’re crazy! We all expected this forum to be what it was meant to be. THE place for help and sharing info from the XYO team.


I got my kit today, updated the sentinels to .56 (I think) firmware and they all switch off after exactly 5 minutes. When they switch off neither my bridge or phone app can find them (until they are switched on again).

I tried taking the battery out of a sentinel for 10 minutes then replacing, but it didn’t fix the problem.



Hey fellow Geohacker, this is a pretty large issue being experienced by anyone who has sentinels on .53 and especially .56. They auto shutdown looks like a firmware issue, possibly mixed with battery issue. I have also tried battery replacement, and experimented with multiple bridges, devices, locations, signal testing equipment, etc, between @ricthesoundguy and myself, we have run pretty much every test you could think of all with the same outcome. So your not alone in your issue, I am experimenting with devices on .53 this evening, because they seem to work a bit better than .56 , However, until XYO can push out a firmware patch/update, there doesn’t seem to be a fix to this. From here, all we can do is keep up the research in here and wait for an update. There is a whole thread dedicated to this issue, I will share it here with you. Please feel free to read through the thread and give us as much feedback as you can. Thanks, click the title of the link to go there!



Thanks very much, ReconCatLord

I had seen a few posts about this, so thought I should post my experiences too.

I will go through the thread tomorrow! :slight_smile:


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Go check out my Thread on Fixing your Sentinels, click the link below!