Geomining kit set up. Wtf?


Switch settings in the android version of the XYO app are not real clear on which position is which mode.
I am assuming it matches the Pi bridge, which appears as green when that mode is active ( I think green is active anyway). If thats true then to the left makes that mode active. It would be the same as in the payload data settings. Anyone think I’m backwards on this ?
It would be nice if it told you what mode you were in.
I believe I have been inadvertently running the XYO phone app as a sentinel for the last couple weeks.
I only noticed after comparing the Pi switches to the android ones.
Since a bridge is also a sentinel, I see no reason to run anything capable of being a bridge as a sentinel.
Any thoughts ?


Hi Brad,

I would like to let you know iOS app will be launched as soon as we launch our mining network which will be by the end of this quarter! :slight_smile:

You will need to buy separate Ethernet cable and HDMI cable to connect to your display monitor. However, you can also connect to the network via wifi that we have built in our Bridge.

Please visit here for more detailed information on setting up your Geomining kit:

Don’t hesitate to reach out to us via email at if you have any questions.



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