Geomining kit set up. Wtf?


There definitely is an iPhone app and it works just fine. It’s the XY Findit app.


I have mine set up through my iPhone 10!
No problems except the sentinels keep beeping and I’ve tried changing the settings through my XYfind it app on my iPhone and they still keep beeping .
Also, even though I have two sentinels attached to my animals, app screen states “out of range” even though my pets are in the house with me-Poor signal??


The XYO app for mining isn’t available on iOS yet. If someone has already posted this, I apologize. Good luck!


They’ve been telling us through social media that the network / app are still in beta (test mode). I’m still waiting on my kit, but I’ve been made fully aware that we cannot mine yet. I hate that you’re frustrated because you didn’t see this info. Just hang in there. Great days are right around the corner. Good luck!


Thanks again! I’m still waiting my kits. :rofl:


Finally got my kit and got it set up .its basically running the same app as the xyo network android app. Updated the sentinels through the find it app to 4.0.55 then through the xyo app to version 4.0.60…hopefully that’s the right procedure .and as a side note, I noticed after the last update the tracker’s range is way better. Was out of range 40 feet away before update now its reading medium range.


My current set up, not the prettiest but gets the job done.


You downloaded the iPhone app? I thought that wasn’t going to be out until early 2019. What app did you download?


XY Findit is the app name . It’s the same app you use to “register” and pair your sentinels.

I can “see” the few I have around the house, but not the ones I have at work on trucks and forklifts etc that connect to the bridge at my shop.
You can use this website once your sentinels are paired to find their last known location.


You cam only see them up to 300ft…
Its not unlimited.


I found that these are terrible for finding lost things as the sentinels turn off after a certain amount on inactivity. So when I lost my keys, the app said they were nowhere to be found. Turns out they were less than three feet from me under my cars seat


Looks like we have all been taken ! They got my money!!!


Thats a firmware issue that they are working to fix from what ive been told there should be a rollback and or update to it shortly. check out my other thread may have some info Having sentinel issues please help



Seems like an easy fix, but it’s been long enough. I think it’s time to return them.


I only have one that turns off the black one turns off after 5 min and its moving. The other 3 thats stay in house, always seem to stay on… And the other 4 move so i never notice… Yall this its worth it to buy the unlimited gps locator. Anyone have it?


When I try to connect to the default archivist. I get an error saying “xyo app stopped working” any ideas?



Have you found a solution to your issue yet? Also I’m inquiring to see what firmware your sentinels are on and if you have had any issues with them.


I have not, to be honest I haven’t had time to mess with it since my post. How can I tell what firmware they are on?


@Aberkoben94, To see what firmware you are using you can do it in both apps. The most user friendly way of seeing it is in the XY Findables app. Once you add a sentinel, you can click into the little settings button for each sentinel (tiny gear in upper right hand corner of the frame displaying that sentinel). Once you click that, just give the sentinel like 15 seconds to respond, it will display a battery level and which firmware version that sentinel is running. Hope this helps.