Geomining kit set up. Wtf?


Okay so I just got my kit this morning, there is little in the way of instruction on how to set it up. It comes with a cute little picture book that basically says “plug it in and pair with app.”

What app? There’s only app in the Apple store when I search for XYO but it’s not compatible with my device. And the website in the booklet is broken.

Also the booklet shows that an Ethernet cord is required, but they don’t include one in the box.

I’m just a little confused and disappointed.


Congratulations! At least, you got your kit. I’m still waiting my kits. :joy:

Based on my understanding, the app for iPhone IOS system is not published yet. We still need waiting. :grinning:


You’re right! You’ll probably get yours soon. Anyways, do you know how link it to a wallet?


I don’t have any idea until I receive my kits. I’m pretty sure we’ll get clear instruction once we’re able to mine. :grinning:


Need help also.


Same. The web address does not even work in the book. FAQ needed stat


I have my kit and keep getting an error on pairing. I cannot set it up either. Can we get some instructions. 4 liner with kit didn’t help much and website listed is broken. HELP!?!?!


Definitely need instructions on how to hook up my geo mining kit. My box contained nothing in the way of directions. I’m anxious to get started! Pleaser help us Scott, Ari, Marcus…!


Hey so I called and spoke to someone. They said the mining network isn’t even up yet. And that when the network is up they’ll email out instructions on how to do that. Seems like something they could have told us when we forked over our cash


Yes, this is starting to seem weird to me. Complete radio silence on kit delivery. And when you guys get yours (I haven’t gotten mine yet), they don’t work because the network isn’t even ready?! SERIOUSLY?! I have been hyping XYO to friends and family, who are very interested in the concept, but it seems more hype than execution right now.


I’ve setup both my bridges and connected them to the default Archivists successfully. Same with pairing my XY4+ sentinels to the phone app. See my comments and simple instructions here on Reddit.

Pics of the initial setup


The app is available and works great on my iPhone. I had no problem pairing the sentinels. Once you create your account, you can monitor your sentinelsfrom the web.


Also, these devices are behind my firewall, how is this traffic encrypted and transmitted without being bound to a specific port?


I got my bridge and can’t even get it to send a signal to my monitor. It has a power light on, so something’s home in there. I swapped HDMI cables. Monitor still says no signal. Any ideas?


@ [kunda4you] I received an email when the kit shipped with a tracking number. I didnt hear anything before that so just keep an eye out in your email for the reference tracking and shipping.


Thanks Luis. Does the kit work?


I couldn’t tell you yet. I received that email two days ago and according to UPS it is set to be delivered by Wednesday/Thursday. I will update once I receive it.


Wow there are actually kits? After amost 3 months of waiting i thought i was taken for $500. Nice to know it real. But i dont have iphone, is it just for iphone???


actually,from what i gather there is no iPhone support, yet but its in the works. Right now its android based, so if you have an android your golden.


Now i just need my kit to ship. Still no word on mine yet. I feel forgotten lol