Geo Mining Mobile


Thanks, so perhaps I should look ahead to an archivist storage if I want to invest in the next step up from basic mining? I appreciate the direction



If your interested in starting an archivist I would start here. Let me know how it goes ! I personally haven’t had time to read up on here but definitely will when I get a chance



Do you need “data” on your iPhone for this to work in public? The coin app works at home on wifi, but once outside, nothing at all.

Thanks for any help!



yeah, you need some connectivity… either wifi or cell…



Yes I believe if u don’t have unlimited data w/ your phone…out and about mining might not be viable.@Canoelakekid



What is up with coin I did a drive just now that I do once week. I normally get around 1000 xyo. Today I got 48 xyo. Yes I had Sentinel connected the whole time.



Same issue here, @Lotusway. They throttled the tokens, and my top square earned 0.38 on my walk home from work. They control the giveaway rate. I wonder if instead of giving them out quickly and running out, they changed the algorithm to slow down as they approach the 20:00 ET renewal hour (00:00 UTC, I think). The other possibility is that they’re slowing down the distribution of tokens, as they had a goal in mind of how many to have in the market when real spending begins next month.

EDIT: I updated the app, and now I’m back to the pre-Aristotle collection rate per square. It could be the app needed to be updated to match the servers running Aristotle, or I could be right about auto-tapering of coin yield as we approach end of a “coin day.” The latter could be proven if it happens again around the same time tomorrow.



Today I noticed auto-minning was disabled…for a lil…I did a drive that normally got the same…but had to go to manual mine😒…if u didn’t see it, that may be it.@kep45



I’ve noticed that auto-collecting sometimes appears to be on, but the pickaxe button is waiting a manual press (this is usually after a loss of network connection or other issue). I have been pressing the pickaxe and then toggling auto-collect off and back on; auto-collection works from then onwards. [This experience is pre-28 March evening update, so this may have been fixed in the app.]