Geo Mining Mobile


Have you updated since friday?



I wonder if you weren’t logged into the COIN app when you were mining earlier in the week?

When I first started mining I wasn’t logged in. When I did log in I lost these tokens. However, since logging in I have retained all mined tokens, even after updating the COIN app twice.



Hi @GeorgeM and @Billy_Idle - Thanks for your comments. I had initially logged in right after installing Coin. So I’m sure I was good there. Fast-forward to today - it started working for me again. Maybe something was down for awhile - who knows. But my geomining is back on track!

Thanks again, Gents!


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Geomining on the MRT train in Kuala Lumpur. It’s not too fast and mostly above ground. Nicely picking up square by square.
I bought a ticket for 0.25$ (next stop) but I went the whole distance and back. Gave me nearly 3000 XYO.

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What do you have plugged into USB port on bridge?



My kit hasnt arrived yet. But when it does in one i’ll have they keyboard. My keyborad I’ve had for a while and has an extra usb port in it, so I’ll plug the mouse into that. 2nd and 3rd bridge usb would be a phone charger… that way, if it needs more memory for any readon i can use 1 of my spare 5 android devices to provide extra memory, or a usb drive. 4th would be usb wifi adapter.

Edit: if you remind me in a month I’ll make a video to show you.

@giaykhen is that the ios COIN? Not much visable diffrence, but a little easier to read that compass



It’s the usb for my keyboard



I have received that message between 4:00pm and 7:00pm EST every day since 2 upgrades ago. It doesn’t matter if I’m traveling in the countryside or the city, the message looks just like yours. I’m guessing XYO only allows a certain amount of tokens a day. Once that’s hit, I think they shut us down until “their” new business day begins.



Wireless USB keyboard and mouse. Lengthening your chain helps verify your location with more proof. If it’s a standard Raspberry pi 3, you can spend about $60 and add a HDMI video card, new case, etc… but I haven’t seen anywhere that states exactly which version is installed, if it’s cost effective to build our own bridges, etc… So I’d stick with just a USB wireless keyboard for now.



Brilliant Well done.
I don’t understand the Why?
Thought only sentinels collected data and once home, the bridge just passed it on over internet.
Is a power inverter necessary? Would a charge lead into you car’s USB socket not do the trick



I did this before the COIN app was released and thought they were going to actually go live but instead they just released a “geo collecting” app.

Yes the sentinels collect data but I wanted my bridge out in the field collecting data from other potential sentinels and to create a bound witness. Which I am sure will be capable of doing via our phones after the new update
The why, now, is pretty pointless :joy: .

I didn’t want to use the USB ports only because I wanted to ensure my bridge and monitor were receiving the correct amount of power. They do work when plug in the common USB port but I don’t want to risk anything becoming faulty



For those who are driving and mining (Please don’t - can be extremely dangerous) you can try using Tasker app to actually do the button press automatically. I am using Tasker and Autocomplete apps and it works great. I can set the interval of the click from seconds to minutes. I only use android though. AND the auto mining functionality will be in some future release so it may not be worth the effort for some. As long as you are not spoofing your location this should not be an issue.



I just updated my COIN app on iOS and there is an Auto Collect button on it now. Down to .50 or less with sentinels in range hopefully just a glitch.

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Has anyone utiizing a mobile bridge unit noticed differences when mining without the bridge? I also want to make a mobile bridge, as long as there is a benefit, vs just mining with sentinals. I believe that the recent app update has changed mining near the bridge slightly. Anyone else notice a large difference mining near the bridge after the update this morning VS mining just on sentinals? Thanks



At 1400 (UTC-4) I just got 3.94 maybe the crisis is over…and then back down to .80 @ 1404 (UTC-4) and then .19. Oh, well it was a nice thought.



I just minning with the we auto update…and got 19.92…17.52…and smaller. But per hour it seems to be the same.

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With the new update I have gotten between 0.xx and 19.xx but seem to get about half as much per hour. No complaints here though. After all they’re giving us all FREE money…



Tonight got 50.06…16.07…8.88 …it be cool to see the highest collected in your search… I’m average 800 give or take a few per hour.



Has anyone utilized the mobile hotspot through their phone to wirelessly connect the bridge while in a mobile/car set up? Is that not the only way the bridge would become useful as a portable model, vs being at home with the constant connection to the internet to upload data?

Or is it as [bizintine] said that the phone will act in the future as the mobile bridge?

Trying to find the justification in buying another bridge to get a mobile unit if it is beneficial.



I used my Mobile Hotspot to connect my bridge in my original post above. The purpose was to have a mobile bridge that would collect sentinel data and create a bound witness. It’s looking like there will be no need for that with the new XYO 2.0 update but we will have to see. As of now, considering the network is not live yet, there really is no point to having a mobile bridge.