Geo Mining Mobile


Is anyone else having trouble setting up their account on the ap? I keep getting an error message.I have mined 20+ coins just around the house and will go out tomorrow to do more.


XYO network confirmed that it’s not dependent on the number of sentinels around you (as of now).

The app is in beta, there is nothing really to do with the network or the bridges yet. You’re basically allowed to provide your own gps data to seed the Oracle network if at least 1 sentinel is nearby. It enables early participation and beta testing for those who purchased kits, although there’s very little “yellow paper” stuff going on. That’s coming later. We’re being incentivized to kickstart the network and find bugs.


Hell yeah we are, and easily mining 1k coins a day till the next update, pretty badass for beta!


Dude I’m so pumped.



This mobile setup is awesome. I’ll be after something similar. I hope I’ll be a bit ahead of XYO just like you are.

Is your bridge connected to WiFi through the car or hotspot somehow? Or will you just upload cached data from your driveway when you get ?



Glad I could spark some inspiration! I actually like the mirror link idea, my car just doesn’t have that capability. The only issue I am having with this set up is securing the screen properly. Right now I’m using some 3M velcroish wall mounts and it starts to fall over a period of time. Iv’e been mining from less than 0.5 to 4.9 xyo. Got a total of almost 1400 just today! I agree with the earlier comments though when it comes to COINing and driving. We don’t want our guys to get in an accident and stir up bad media like Pokemon Go… Aside from putting our/others lives at risk.

I was wondering the same thing as far as the need to have a Geo Mining Kit in order to mine. As of right now it seems the bridge is totally irrelevant to the app. I think your right by having to have sentinels from the kit to be involved in the “only those who received a mining kit can use it” I’m hoping when they incorporate bound witness there will be some sort of plus to having a bridge and purchasing an actual kit. Also not complaining though it’s good to see everyone getting on this and supporting XYO. I already gave a few of my sentinels to friends and set them up with the app.

One thing I am curious about is if XYO still receives the data they are looking for regardless if we mine that particular square or not. As in, so long as we have the app running and drive around does the location data still get sent to them even though I am not pressing the axe and receiving coins. My guess is they do. The reason, I assume, we have to manually press the pick axe is so that we don’t have everyone just hoarding up on coins like there’s no tomorrow.

I think your right on my friend. Can’t wait to see all the “yellow paper” stuff in action but will continue to support their network testing until then.
I am connected through my Hotspot on my iPhone. I had trouble getting it connected at first though. I had to change my SSID to a simple single word and take out any spaces, apostrophes or any special characters. I changed the password as well and got it working. As far as uploading cached data, considering the bridge is completely irrelevant to mining right now I haven’t had to do this. Still waiting to see a purpose of the bridge. Hope they come up with something otherwise it’s just another cell phone that can be used as a bridge…


Unless i misunderstood, in the first video they uploaded last night they said they will have a use for the bridge in about 4 weeks.

@Yompster they do explain some stuff… be he could get a bit of coaching to help him give the ingo he wants and be more confident. Also, if he practised his speach maybe he wouldn’t be umming and erring so much. If XYO is to be widely imbraced we need it to have a more professional image than the one currently portayed by the youtube videos. Do you agree?


I’m seeing the same, all you actually need to mine is a mobile phone running the COIN app and one sentinel. Unless you somehow need the bridge to upload your XYO to a wallet later? I doubt it though.

I found the size of each square on the map is approximately 25 metres. Is this the case for everyone else?


No… they also said that there are slight diffrences in size around the world and around the polls even shape.


I am still awaiting my kit, but I did download the apps. It says that you can use it as a sentinal. Would it be possible to have that running and then the Coin app would recognize it? Trying to have some fun while I wait for my box to arrive…


I couldn’t agree with you more my friend. I have a lot of faith in this project but watching the videos of Scotty makes me nervous. I see what he’s trying to get at, but often the point of what he’s trying to say goes off to a totally irrelevant tangent and it’s really hard to follow. More confidence in his knowledge and ability to understandably explain the network equals more confidence in end users to support it.

I there is a setting on the bridge to switch from “bridge” mode to “sentinel” mode. Haven’t actually tried this out yet though but the concept sounds plausible.


@hankfree no… ive tried this and up untill a few days before they released COIN you could use 2 phones (as sentinals) and a tablet (as bridge) to expand your origin chain on xyo network but not anymore.


An I the first to solo mine all the xyo from a single square?

No one else in Aberystwyth knows about xyo.


@GeorgeM lol I just the same message on my drive home lol…I was like awwww no more tokens…well for next hour and a half at least. This is pretty damn awesome though! So I’m going to make a Geo-Mining Tips and Efficiency thread this evening, show how I did in 24 hrs and some of my measurements. Hope to see you there to lend your thoughts and tips also!


@Billy_Idle Yes same here around 25m, how is your mining coming along? So I can definitely say, my expectations have been exceeded, especially for the first 24hrs. I looked at my xyo tokens when I got home today and was like "Wow, im so happy I chose to earky adopt this and get more involved!


The mining is coming along great, thanks. No problems with the app, the odd glitch or two but it soon sorted itself out. Very impressive!

I took a couple of (assisted) runs in the car, was good fun.

That’s great you are happy with your mining!


Kinda wish i were still in Swansea. There is a bus ticket that allows you to ride all day for £3.20 (probably hone up since the last time i was thier). What are all our expenses (rounded to year)?


finally got the app to install and set up account but my goemining kit has not arrived as just ordered a few days back so is there anyway to start mining without my sentinels ? question #2 I have a older Iphone and was wondering if a faster phone will be more effective for mining well on the move i/e driving and if there will be any difference between android and iphone ?


I found the most effective mining was my wife driving and me clicking the pickaxe icon. It would be cool if certain locations had rare “Mother Load” quantities of tokens. That would be fun and an incentive to mine large geographic areas. I could see some really cool gaming features come out of this currently rather simple mining app.


Today (Sunday, Feb 10), I rebooted my Android phone, got back into the Coin app, and none of my previously mined tokens from this week are there - it just shows the “zero balance” dashes on the top. It still has my email addy saved, but no tokens, and looks like I can’t mine anything either. I logged out from Coin and logged back in, but still nothing. Has anybody else experienced this, or have any insight?