Geo Mining Mobile


Hey guys tomorrow is the big day and I’m sure everyone is are as excited as I am. Just wanted to share the set up I put together.

I wasn’t satisfied with having my bridge sitting at home with a low chance of catching activity. I also drive a lot so I thought this would be perfect. I got the mini monitor on amazon along with a power inverter and a keyboard. Anybody else have something similar in mind? Let me know what ya’ll think!


Setup looks great… just one comment… drive carefully !! :slight_smile:


They have released the app… i suspect they’ll update if at 12pst… there will be gray and blue marks on the map to show which areas have already been mined recently.

Edit: using an official xyo bridge do you collect automatically or do you still need to click for it? If clicking is still nessisary then i serioudly advise not doing this whilst driving… lets stay alive, ok?


This is Awesome, I barely took a ride to the store a 2 miles away and by time i got there I was at 525 xyo tokens already! Multiply that in the next week with my traveling…XYO FTW…TOKENS!



And you at this stage get the same per square if you have 1 or 14 xy4s. Do the bridges automaticallg mine of do you need to do the clicks each time?

Enjoy the amount your getting right now, according to the video it won’t aslways give as many as it does right now.


Im using the Android app and I have to click per square, I will try the iOS one tomorrow when I go back to work. Maybe its different, but i noticed if I held it down,it didnt record the grid square, had to click it. Gonna go out in another two hours after there server rests at 4pm PST. They said we might see even more of a difference, that would be cool. I am insanely impressed that its actual xyo tokens, and huge kudos to the xyo team.


Mine is working too! Fantastic! :slight_smile:

I have seen a few answers on Facebook etc from XYO that you do need to click the app each time to mine, it won’t do it automatically.

Has anyone worked out what the physical size of each mineable square on the map is?


@bizintine Great Setup looks awesome! Im pushing mine through my car nav screen using android mirror link, but I like yours way better. You gave me a great idea with the micro keyboard/touchpad! Thanks! Way to go, I love seeing others get into this full steam!



Looks like about 25 to 50 yards, not sure, I will try to measure it better tonight, and awesome, so glad its working for ya!



Thanks very much!

That’s great it’s working for everyone, and was so fast and easy to set up and use.

I can’t go out tonight but will experiment tomorrow morning! :slight_smile:


Would Love to hear from all of you guys, see what your pulling per grid square, right now while the gettings good I have varied from .325 all the way up to 6.75 for a single grid. I’m in a pretty rural area in Kansas on a military installation, so I’m wondering how much location or routes or geographic type(road, building, known address, etc) factors into it. Enjoy while you can all, who knows how long it will last, probably only couple weeks till that Aristotle update occurs; think Im gonna try to hit 5k tokens by Sunday night.


I’ve mined myself three times (if you will pardon the expression) and got between about 1.5 and 3.5 XYO each time.

I’m in the suburbs about 7 miles out from Glasgow city centre.


Wow thats really good, I’ve done the same, mined myself bout 4 or 5 times, it keeps paying off anywhere from 1 to 3, just static location in my kitchen, I’m gonna have to science the shit outta this, timed auto clicker + developer options on w/ stay awake while charging option switched on = …cha ching! Lets research it up all, get the most out of your setups and devices.


Yes, I’ve been surprised at how quickly mining can happen again, looks like every half hour or so. I just got another 2.2 XYO!


For me up untill about 20 minuets ago it was about once every 5 per square… and then the app started to freeze up every 2 seconds and the squares no longer showing. Has anyone else found this? If im right about exacgly when it started… it started at server reset time.

Edit: it was good whilst it lasted.

Edit 2: ok… seems to be up and running again… pitty i was in the middle of my midnight walk when it stopped working. Tryinv to get 10k in 10 days.


Its Interesting that the app sees nearby sentinels, but this seems to have nothing to do with the XYO mined. I am getting about the same coins in a square with 5 sentinels vs one that has none.
I also find it interesting that it has nothing to do with the bridges or bound witnesses.
They said only people who received mining kits could use the app, but its readily available on the playstore, so whats keeping anyone from using it ?
I am not complaining, I’m glad they are adding to the XYO app library and happy I can mine some XYO.
Just some interesting observations.
We need to figure out a way to automate it, I will get tired of constantly clicking the mine icon pretty quick.


As a correction to my last post - I see now if my phone is truly not seeing any sentinels when the Mine button is pressed, it does not mine any coins and says no nearby sentinels detected. going to need to carry a sentinel around with the app. I guess that’s what they mean by “only those who received mining kits can use it” .


This is another beta… in a few weeks they will bring in boud witnessing. Bug right now it’s running from gps. All this was explained in the two videos they uploaded to youtube today.


Yea I watched the videos, in my opinion they don’t explain much.


As a further correction - after testing - the more sentinels in the square when you hit the mine button = the more XYO mined. I guess I’ll have to carry all my sentinels in my pocket Lol.