Firmware updates


Out of 8 xyo sentinel’s only 6 will update. Opened them replaced the batteries, tried everything I can think of and tried but still cannot get them all updated. Got any suggestions???

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I had a problem with one :point_up:, XY customer service suggested I close the app and reopen then try again.
Seems so simple but it actually worked.
Maybe try it and let us know

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It takes a couple of tries sometimes, restarting the app or just scanning multiple times. Also try turning off your bluetooth connection or restarting your phone/tablet and rescan. Hope this helps!

ReconCatLord :telescope::cat2::crown:

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What firmware are you using to update? I’ve tried two of my sentinels to 4.0.56 (latest I can currently find from the old app/bridge) and it worked fine but still doesn’t show in the XYO Network App. I continue to get “Firmware Coming Soon” when trying to add sentinels. This is with the new Android XYO Network app. Has anyone seen the new firmware in the wild?

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The new fw is not out yet, next big update it should have it and have ability to load it. I am using the .56 on all my sentinels. I updated them with the old XYO App which I kept on my phone just for that purpose.



@ReconCatLord have you been able to add any of them to the app (“claim” them)? I’ve seen sporadic posts from people who suggest they have, but no details or follow-up.

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No I haven’t, the ppl who were able to add them did so immediately the app/web app was published. That option was available during like the first hour that the app and web app went live. However, XYO stopped that ability because the data passing between the Sentinels and the App are currently not the correct type or should I say, its not true BW data. So these few ppl may have the Sentinels connected by the data they are growing will not be able to be used in the archivist query. At this time the only way to get some true BW data, is have multiple android devices running the new app, they will bounce off each other, one acting as a bridge, one acting as a Sentinel and then vice-versa. But also this data will be limited to the few devices/data points around you. No matter how big the chain you get is, it will only pay off in XYO tokens if that data is used in a query. I see lots of ppl on here are thinking that the higher the number is, the better the reward, but that is NOT correct. It will only count if someone uses your data in a query. But that’s neither here nor there.

I think we are starting to just get bored inbetween updates and new products lol. It will all work out in time, we are on the absolute ground level, still very much in Alpha and Beta phases, lots of stuff will not work. But it will pay off in the future, just keep grinding on the COIN app, look for the XYO token to drop in price so that you can just buy more of it on exchanges if your able. Because couple years from now, the more we hoard now, the better it will be later.

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I see the same thing “new firmware” so reverted back the original app. Removed the new xyo app that gave the “new firmware” splash. Low and behold they updated. Now if i can figure out if its all set up right and if my bridge is actually doing something, anything…of good.

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I’ve been able to claim them on find it and added to coin but not network app.

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@ReconCatLord Makes sense… one thing I wish XYO would do better about is communicating these things. They seem to have little bits of information (different) going to Facebook, Telegram, this site (rare), the reddit thread, Twitter, Medium blog, etc. but no where seems to be everything. I understand this is practically Alpha at this stage, and I don’t mind any delays, but communicating the progress or lack would be helpful. Especially given Johnny on the Medium blog talking about Aristotle just before it went live specifically talked about the firmware and how to update, then that information just disappeared from the blog post at some point. I assume someone jumped the gun.

Better yet, they should really just allow us to help beta test. That wouldn’t (and shouldn’t) be for everyone but some of us have a tech background and would likely be able to provide good feedback. Be more fun too…



@ggtz702 so I assume you are running 4.0.56 which is the latest firmware I have seen from the old bridge and app. I have two sentinels at that level, the rest a mix of 53 and 55. Waiting patiently for the firmware that lets me claim the sentinels…

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Yes I am…



Can you explain “claim them”? I dont think ive ever done that. Did I miss something?



Claim them must be only part of the new app? I dont recall claiming them before…

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@ggtz702 you didn’t claim them before, but that was always on the roadmap. You own a random sentinel (with unique mac address), how is it supposed to relay data for you specifically without some way to tie that sentinel to you? Same for the bridge. In the new app you have “Add Device” above sentinel and bridge but right now it just brings up a “Firmware Coming Soon” message. So, we wait for the firmware, which last thing I heard was being further improved while they were waiting for Apple to approve the iOS Network App. Now that iOS is approved, I think they are waiting to release both iOS version and firmware at that same time… hopefully soon and hopefully with the Android app getting the firmware as well.

Edit: So I realized that those with iOS devices probably have no idea what the new app looks like! Doh! I didn’t even really think of that since I’m on Android and had the app pretty soon after Matrix went live (although it doesn’t do much right now).



It’s all it’s all being tested for IOS and android all sentinels are being updated as well they’re working on it be patient everybody and there’s more updates to come in the future this will be a on going as they master the system



This all really causing some brain farts…doh…dohhh



It’s really awesome and humbling that so many people are paying really close attention to every little update we make. Thank you guys so much for caring and wanting to help test it out.

What do you all think the best way to communicate the little updates and changes we make so everyone sees it? I’d like to make greater use of this forum and also the Developer Discord. That seems to be the place most of our tech enthusiasts have migrated, as opposed to Facebook or Telegram.

Last thing to note is… this is really confusing for a lot of us here too. It’s cutting edge tech that’s never been done before, and we don’t know how it reacts sometimes until we get community feedback. It works in our test environment but that can greatly differ from what you experience, so it is really helpful to hear when there are issues. Or when there aren’t! Keep it coming… the end result will be an easy to use, clean experience. It is a normal progression from just barely getting everything to work, to getting everything to work smoothly in the background with little to no user setup required. We’ll get there, but it’ll take time…



@pizzamind hey, guess i need to chime in since this comment seems somewhat directed to my reply above… :smile:

I just signed up over at discord but I wonder if chat is the best format for any instruction information… I always figured this site (seemingly owned by XYO) would be the best, with the ability to post step-by-step and edit as people comment. Plus posting on progress (or lack) would generate discussion, but for basic updates I guess chat would be OK for that. Reddit might be good too, but frankly I really like this site and how it works, so that would be my vote (do I get a vote)?



I agree with you, and I’m instructing people to use this forum more often, and then link their detailed answers/formal instructions to other social media sites. That way the useful info is not lost in the chat scroll.