Explain my xyo certicate of 45 shares


So are you telling me 45 SHARES is a certificate, I send information to you guys I’m interested to buy more! Dn’t know how this process works, Explain to me how it works! Thought I was going to receive 45 TOKENS !! Instead I got an certificate


Sorry for any confusion - there are two separate opportunities available- the purchase of tokens used on the XYO Network and investment in the company behind the network. At this time, XY is only selling XYO tokens to those outside the US. Shares in XY are available to investors in the US and most other countries.

If you have specific questions or concerns about this, you can contact us privately at investor-relations@xyfindables.com.


You can find the difference between XYO-tokens and XYO-shares here:


Hi from Texas I am not understanding something . I am a broke American so I can’t buy tokens love the XYO. concept and wanted to help so I bought stock and now a .mining kit now I don’t have a wallet so we’re are the tokens I kind going and can I even own them? I can’t buy or have tokens now of am I confused ?


We’re not selling XYO tokens directly to US citizens and residents. However, US persons can be awarded tokens through mining, or purchase them via exchanges.

Information on exactly how you’ll be awarded tokens for mining will be released closer to the launch of the mainnet.


When is the launch of the main net?
Any approximate date?
Need to get celebrations organised for the real birth of XYO