Computer Vision + Proof of Location


a “squad” of drones could use this protocol & trustlessly build a clone-drone after collecting pieces from donators, people who wanted to buy hardware and stake it into the drone system.
These drones could assemble the new drone in verifiably safe location.

Equipped with a camera, the first function of these drones could be identifying people and things.
This creates a network where people have an identity and 1 vote.
From there, people can vote on things that the network of drones should be responsible for building.

With a computer vision layer on top of proof of location it is also possible to achieve proof of research or data retrieval about the environment. Open source, high precision weather prediction data.


this all looks far too good to be true!


that’s what I said about XYO


I mean, I’m sort of concerned by a future where swarms of drones are looking for the remains of other drones.

Don’t get me wrong, I love your enthusiasm and you for being an XYO community member. But This feels like a swarm of drones under decentralized mob rule. 51% attack for real!