Community led Marketing and competitions


Hey Scott and team. I know Marketing is your forte and Scott is a Marketing God. Perhaps running some fun competitions will encourage more peer to peer marketing/ investors to engage others investors by advocating xyo to their friends and associates.

Would you consider a fun competition asking members of the community to create a unique post about xyo on their Facebook/Twitter with direct links to Gamma ( this can also be used to create some buzz when mainnet is ready). Top 2 investors with the most unique post and likes etc can win some xyo tokens.

I did ask one of the admins to pass on this request to u a few days ago. Not sure they did.


Hi QueenBee, Awesome “seeing” you outside of Telegram! :wave:

This is a great idea and something we have discussed internally. We are definitely looking for ways to incentivize our community members but the conversation with rewarding XYO tokens seems to lead to the taxation issue given that we are located in the United States. But we are going to find a way to make (if not this) something very similar work and all of you here will be the first to know.



YES PLEASE!! Will you be airdropping tokens to peoples wallets at Spatial?

As you can drop to a location to anyone with the wallet?

Or that is to come?

All sounds so exciting!! <3


any feedback on the Town /City local economy currency idea? I have so many ideas for it…

Not sure i want to share them all so openly lol

Invite me to Spatial I will come speak direct :slight_smile:

Wishes :wink:

any competition to win a ticket, hotel etc?


Maybe can design a competition for ideas ad for us all? PLEASE ASAP?
Lets get this ball rolling!! I just got 1 more :slight_smile:


Hello XYO. I have an idea that would create many more COIN and XYO users. If I start it off, it would created many new users and probably double the number of these new users every month. Is there any way I could benefit from this rapid expansion?